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Practitioner Training Teachers

Practitioner Training Teachers

Terah Kathryn Collins

Terah Kathryn Collins – Founder of the Western School of Feng Shui & Originator of Essential Feng Shui®

Terah Kathryn Collins is a best-selling author and the originator of Essential Feng Shui®, which honors the essence of Feng Shui’s eastern heritage while focusing on many benefits it provides in today’s world. Her 6 inspirational books on the subject have sold over a million copies worldwide.

Terah’s first book, The Western Guide to Feng Shui, is filled with practical suggestions and inspiring before-and-after stories. Her alphabetized Home Design with Feng Shui, A-Z provides a quick reference to Feng Shui solutions, while The Western Guide to Feng Shui, Room by Room offers more in-depth information and includes over one hundred photographs. Terah recounts the enriching experiences of Essential Feng Shui® practitioners and their clients in The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Prosperity, and the connection between love and environment in The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance. Her newest book, The Three Sisters of the Tao, Essential Conversations with Chinese Medicine, I Ching, and Feng Shui, explores how to sustain – or regain – balance in your life.

With a passion for transformational education, Terah founded the Western School of Feng Shui in 1996. More than 2,000 people from 26 countries have taken her signature course, the Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner Training. This intensive course includes pre-training projects, prerecorded class videos, live interactive coaching calls, and a series of post-training projects to earn a Certificate of Achievement as an Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner.

Featured on the PBS Body and Soul TV series, Terah has spoken on Essential Feng Shui® at many special events, including the Magical Mastery and Today’s Wisdom Tours in Australia, and the Women of Wisdom, I Can Do It® Hay House, and Empowering Women Conferences throughout the United States.

Karen CarrascoKaren Abler Carrasco – Presenter, Graduate and Mentor of the Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner Training

Karen Carrasco is a very popular Feng Shui teacher, mentor and member of the Speaker’s Bureau who specializes in teaching the many nuances of Ch’i flow at the practitioner level. Her inspirational teaching style incorporates her studies in South Africa, Europe, Mexico and several Native American communities. Karen holds a B.A. in Native American Studies and is also a California native plant expert, garden designer, and a certified herbalist with an expansive Feng Shui practice that includes homes, businesses and rural properties.

Becky IottBecky Iott – Presenter, Graduate and Mentor of the Essential Feng Shui® PractitionerTraining

Becky Iott is a masterful Feng Shui teacher, mentor and seasoned consultant with an extensive practice incorporating business, institutional, and residential clients. She is an expert in the teaching of Five Elements Theory and Application, the Bagua, and Feng Shui for Business. Her unique presentation techniques emphasize the rapid learning of Feng Shui concepts and practical solutions through a combination of lecture-dialogues, interactive exercises, and hands-on practice with case studies. Becky holds a B.A. in Communication and an M.A. in Social Science.

Anita Adrain – Certified Essential Feng Shui Practitioner, Teacher, and Coach

Anita began studying and practicing the Eastern philosophy of Feng Shui 20+ years ago, and is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui’s Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training.Anita has a great passion for practicing Essential Feng Shui and teaching  students the heartfelt approach to living a Feng Shui lifestyle. Her years of working with a diverse home and business clientele across 3 continents has given Anita the experience to help you transform your life with Essential Feng Shui.

Anita is an alumni facilitator of our LIVE EFS Trainings.

Rosanne Rusnock -Certified Essential Feng Shui Practitioner, Teacher, and Coach

Ro Rusnock is rapidly becoming a nationally known Feng Shui practitioner, speaker and teacher of Essential Feng Shui. She is certified with the Western School of Feng Shui. Originally from San Francisco, she now calls Phoenix, Arizona her home. Ro has two daughters she adores and is also an animal lover. Ro consults with both residential and commercial property owners, who have clutter and disorganization in their living spaces and feel stuck moving forward in life. Her clients realize that their homes and offices have a profound effect on their energy levels and need guidance in making the positive energetic changes, creating a space they absolutely LOVE! 
Ro also has teamed up with JHeiland Interiors to Feng Shui and stage homes for Realtors, Commercial and residential property owners who want to get the best price when they sell and do it fast! 

Rosanne is an alumni facilitator of our LIVE EFS Trainings.