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If These Walls Could Talk by Alumna Laura Carrillo

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If these walls could talk, they would tell you the story. My Feng Shui practice, Narrative Space, is based on the premise that your home, business, or any physical space has an energetic narrative that can be interpreted and edited through Feng Shui.  

Art & Alchemy is my specialized area of Feng Shui.  What is the story?  Look around, it’s all there. The writing is on the wall, so to speak. People assume art is merely a picture or a painting or a photograph. 

img1What a physical space is communicating via its narrative is obvious to me, though it may not be to most people. Not everyone sees life through the same lens, so in some small way I can bring clarity and light to this subject. Universal consciousness aside, not everyone is paying attention to the signs or knows how to interpret them.  I genuinely believe we all have this ability on a subconscious level, but that doesn’t mean it is reaching the conscious or mundane level.  Feng Shui is a physical language which helps interpret those signs.  

Even if you don’t know anything about Feng Shui, you can look at an image and interpret it on a gut level. You can see what it is communicating and ascertain whether it is positive or negative.  Think of art in terms of the narrative or story, then decide if that is what you want your story to be.  Some people like dark imagery because they think it’s cool or profound.  Since my goal is to help people create a positive setting and narrative, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend such art.


 Art provides your space with visual cues that create a narrative.  The walls are figuratively telling your story.  What do you want that story to be?  If you curate the art from a Feng Shui perspective, there are specific areas of a space that pertain to specific areas of life, such as your career or love life.  It helps to know the area of life in which you are placing a piece of art, because context is important.  

The Bagua is an energetic map in Feng Shui that represents nine life sectors called “guas.” These include Prosperity, Fame, Love, Family, Health, Children & Creativity, Skills & Knowledge, Career & Travel, and Helpful People.  The Bagua is the most important tool in Feng Shui for curating and interpreting the narrative.

If you place romantic art in your Skills & Knowledge area, you may not be making the best use of the art. It could be better placed in your love area. That said, at least it is positive imagery, and there is still benefit from having Skills & Knowledge in the love department. It is preferable to curate for maximum benefits, though. That’s where a consultant can really help.

When I wanted greater success in my career, I thought about what kind of imagery would help.  Water is the element associated with the career gua and it also represents abundance in Feng Shui. With this in mind, I painted a waterfall and placed it above my desk in my career gua.  Suddenly, I had more Feng Shui gigs than ever, and my cash flow increased significantly.  This is an example of the way art supported my intentions and served me in a positive way.  

Think about art as a way of foreshadowing your story.  You can play a conscious role in how your story plays out.  It’s very empowering!  It not only works from an energetic perspective, but from a psychological one.  Visual cues feed your subconscious mind.  Your mind processes the information and works diligently to manifest the story being told.  That said, be conscious of the fact the story serves as a mantra that will ultimately manifest itself.  


I once worked for a business that sold art.  Some of the art was positive and beautiful, while some was dark and depressing.  A series of pieces depicted the tragedy of the Twin Towers.  I lived in New York during 9/11, and know first-hand the impact that it had on business and the lives of New Yorkers. It was one of the most depressing chapters of my life.  I couldn’t understand why these pieces were so prominently featured.  One of these pieces was placed in the career gua of the business.  I told the owner what it represented symbolically and how it wasn’t good for business, but my words fell on deaf ears.  

That series of paintings was not only bad Feng Shui for the business, it served as a powerful alchemy that depicted a less than positive outcome.  Additionally, that business displayed a picture of a dead whale carcass decomposing, and another of a capsized ship. While there were some positive images, the overall story being told did not have a happy ending.  From a Feng Shui perspective, the way the art was curated was disastrous.

The business had a number of other Feng Shui issues. Most notably, the bathrooms were located in the Prosperity gua, representing money going down the drain.  There are cures for this.  I tried to offset the energetic loss by hanging crystals above the toilets, but the owner removed them.  Crystals alone cannot compensate for every ill, but they can help remedy an energetic loss.  They were a tiny edit in a space that needed a big rewrite.  When I discovered the crystals had been removed, I also decided to leave.  Very shortly after this, the business quickly and dramatically imploded.  

I learned a lot from that experience. I was able to see first-hand how powerfully the imagery and narrative of a space can become its own self-fulfilling prophecy.  The impact and power of art on the narrative of a space, and the people who inhabit it, is an area of Feng Shui on which I am particularly focused.

Art possesses what I like to call magical properties.  These properties can be used for good or ill, and I have highlighted examples of both.  When you choose art, you will be drawn to certain pieces.  Take stock of how a piece makes you feel and whether it is a feeling you want to bathe in every day.  You may be drawn to darker pieces because there is something relatable in them. We can all relate to pain and suffering, but that doesn’t mean we need to live immersed in it.  
They say happiness is a choice.  Choose to tell your story with visually inspiring and triumphant imagery.  To learn more about my work with Feng Shui, Art & Alchemy visit Narrative Space.


Written by Laura Carrillo

Photos by Sonja Reed

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Alumni Articles

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Enjoy these articles from your fellow alumni!

A Piano Brings Hope: Reclaiming a Love That Never Diedby alumna Laura Staley

If These Walls Could Talk: by alumna Laura Carrillo

The Beauty of Caring For Our “Stuff”by alumna Ainslie Kincross

Cherish Your World: by alumna Laura Staley

The Dance of Trust and Discernment: by alumna Laura Staley

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Essential Feng Shui Consultants in Southern California

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San Diego

Angie  Crompton RN Angie Crompton RN, Feng Shui Makeover
Serving San Diego
Offering Residential / Personal / Business
Phone: (619) 370-2262 

In addition to her Feng Shui work, Angie is a Certified hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Biofeed back Therapist.It is a known fact that ones; outer environment and inner well being are closely related… Feng Shui of ones environment and/or ones inner well being can be balanced using main modalities. Mind: Angie uses NLP/ Hypnosis/EFT to resolve underlying stressors. i.e. Fears, phobias, negative habits. Feng shui of the mind is possible to bring the spirit back to balance. Environment : Order in the mind, order in the home. Re-organise, add to or subtract from to bring about balance, joy and peace.


Alexandra DiMarco 1Alexandra DiMarco, Feng Shui Design
Providing San Diego area and long-distance consultations
Phone: 619-977-1716 

Alexandra has a varied background providing a rich context for her Feng Shui design practice. She holds a degree in Psychology & Dance and has received extensive training in coaching, mediation, Montessori education, interior design, and most recently Feng Shui. As a counselor, mediator and coach she developed the ability to listen deeply. As a result she was able to assist her clients in correcting defeating patterns and powerfully fulfilling their intentions. Her training and experience in Montessori education helped her to understand the power in ‘preparing the environment’ to create certain conditions and outcomes in her students. Through interior design she partnered with her clients to create environments that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Through her Feng Shui training and practice she has developed greater communication with the energy that affects all aspects of life. Alexandra utilizes this wealth of education and experience, as well as her  enthusiasm, in her Feng Shui design work.


Cathryn GoldenCathryn Golden, Balanced Environments
Serving San Diego, Coastal & Inland County; National Availability
Offering Residential and Business Consultations (On-Site & Remote), Professional Organizing, Redesign, Staging, Energy Clearing, Presentations/Keynotes, Workshops, Gift Certificates.
Phone: (858) 481-5191 Fax: (760) 431-2688 
As a nationally-known feng shui expert, author, and multi-media presenter, Cathryn specializes in “simple changes – incredible results™.” Her national client base includes a large variety of Women in Business. She works with her clients to restore environmental balance for their unique professional success and personal enrichment. Available for: Consultations, Organizing, Energy Clearing, Group Presentations, Educational Seminars, Gift Certificates.


Casey HammerCasey Hammer, Dragon Devas
Serving San Diego, Southern California, the United States, the World and Beyond!
Cell: (253) 651-9390  

My goal is to assist my clients in creating an environment that is beautiful, safe, comfortable, balanced, and harmonious while correcting imbalances in order to attract positive changes leading to a more powerful and fulfilling life. Helping them to strengthen and clarify their own intentions and visualizations will inevitably produce more successful results. I derive great pleasure in empowering people to help themselves. Visit my website for more information and contact me with your questions or to schedule an appointment for your Residence or Business. Until then, may your life reflect peace, harmony, and balance, which call forth abundance… Namaste


Ebba Hansen, Feng Shui Interior Design
Serving San Diego and Southern California Offering Residential and Business Consultations Phone: (858) 755-6104 

Ebba fine tunes your home or business, assisting you to set the stage that supports your vision for transforming your life. Personal Success, and Prosperity with infinite Possibilities.Ebba assisted many successful clients which include Realtors and developers, Restaurants, Spas, Fitness and Health facilities, Home Office, Architects, Sacred Temples and Zen Meditation Centers.“Ebba Hansen is the best Feng Shui Consultant of bedrooms. When she works her magic your whole life can turn around for the better. I wouldn’t move without her.”-Louise. L. Hay


Maureen Horn

Maureen Horn
San Diego and surrounding area
Offering Home and Business consultations
Phone: 310.738.1422

I have spent many years in the home furnishings business at a retail level and for the past 15 years as a real estate agent.  Combining my home furnishings skills with my feng shui practice is a dream come true.  At a residential level, I can correct and balance the energy of your home for you and your loved ones.  In a retail setting my abilities as a merchant with the influence of feng shui can make the difference in the success of your business.


Ainslie KinrossAinslie B Kincross  PhD, LEED AP
Serving San Diego/North County/Distance Clients
Offering Feng Shui coaching for home and business, classrooms and schools; presentations and workshops; design consulting and visioning.

Ainslie B Kincross  PhD, LEED AP 
Ainslie Kincross is a feng shui practitioner and architect whose life-long love of Nature’s beauty has motivated and infused all of her work.  In addition to practicing architecture for more than 20 years in Colorado, New Hampshire and Wyoming, Ainslie has worked 
in natural history interpretation for The Nature Conservancy, United States Forest Service and National Park Service.  Discovering the ancient art of Feng Shui was the key to open the door between what had always been two separate disciplines in her Western 
education and practice.   
Her mission in life is to advocate for Beauty, in all of its forms.  To that end, it’s her highest reward to inspire others to create more beauty, harmony and peace in their homes, workplaces, businesses and schools.  As a teacher herself, Ainslie is especially interested 
in supporting classroom teachers through feng shui education and coaching, so that their work can have a ripple effect through their students out into the world.   She is a practiced and inspiring presenter available for hour-long to day-long trainings. 
Her formal education includes a B. Arch. from the University of Arizona,  a Master of Science in architecture from M.I.T. and a doctorate in geography from the University of Colorado-Boulder. After completing the WSFS Practitioner Training in 2001, Ainslie 
went on to study with William Spear and Karen Kingston. 

ShivamShivam Kohls, Strategies for Wellbeing
Serving North County coastal and inland, San Diego and Orange County
Offering Residential and Business Consultations
Phone: (760) 476-3455 

Offering Feng Shui consultations and other programs to fit your unique style, personality and goals. Feng Shui consultant, teacher and public speaker. Also available: Four Pillars – Foundation for Wellbeing Program.




Garnelle Maxwell-Miller, Ecosystems Imagery, MS Consumer Sciences: R&D Lifetime California College Teaching Credential
Serving on Site: San Diego, Orange County; Long Distance via internet
Offering: Landscape, Rural property, Real Estate, Living/working environments – Business, Residential
Phone: 760-518-5711 ecosystems logo

As co-owner of Ecosystems Imagery, Garnelle has integrated the sentient and intangible forces of Nature with the tangible aspects of land/earth-scapes, living/working environments for nearly three decades. Her holistic approach blends the ancient science of Feng Shui with her Celtic heritage. She facilitates client’s perception and receptivity as to the magic and wonder of the natural world; its powerfully intangible connections to the built world and that of the sacred energetics forever undulating within, without. Together, this “Trinity” imbues a “sense of place”, which in turn, nurtures wellbeing – body – mind- soul. Avid stewards of the environment, the professional collaboration she shares with her business partner is unique. Melding pragmatism with perception, the tangible with intuition, and science with metaphysics, they provide an integrated array of professional services related to oversight and coordination in the discovery, design and delivery of outdoor spaces.

Robin Mayfield Robin Mayfield, Home and Garden Feng Shui – Feng Shui Today
Serving San Diego County, Orange County, Temecula and Murrieta
Offering Residential, Business and Landscaping Consultations, plus Redesign and Property Staging
Phone: (760) 522-5237

Robin combines years of formal training with her intuitive skills to bring harmony and balance to living environments both inside and out. Her down-to-earth style and enthusiasm for positive change will inspire you to create the life you desire. Whether it is abundant prosperity, vibrant health and/or loving relationships you seek, Feng Shui Today will assist you in creating it.Robin offers both on-site and remote consultations. She is also available for presentations.

Shauna PiscitelloShauna Piscitello, Living in Balance with Feng Shui
Serving North County, San Diego. Assists clients throughout the US and internationally.
Offering Residential, Small Business and Corporate Clients, Realtors. Specializes in Intentional Design with emphasis on environmentally responsible recommendations.
Phone: (303) 503-5086

Energy Alchemy for Your Environment and Your Life. Featured on San Diego’s Channel 6 news for: “Selling Your Home Quicker with Feng Shui” and author to Feng Shui articles including ones for American Institute of Architecture, Midwest Home and San Diego Biz.“Shauna is the best feng shui practitioner I have worked with and I highly recommend her to people who are ready to make big leaps in their lives.” – M. Granat, Owner of Executive Discovery



Ro Rusnock

Rosanne Rusnock, Elements and Energy, LLC
Serving Arizona, California, and throughout the U.S.
Offering Residential and Business Consultations

Phone: (480) 241-5805 

Ro Rusnock is rapidly becoming a nationally known Feng Shui practitioner, speaker and teacher of Essential Feng Shui. She is certified with the Western School of Feng Shui. Originally from San Francisco, she now calls Phoenix, Arizona her home. Ro has two daughters she adores and is also an animal lover. Ro consults with both residential and commercial property owners, who have clutter and disorganization in their living spaces and feel stuck moving forward in life. Her clients realize that their homes and offices have a profound effect on their energy levels and need guidance in making the positive energetic changes, creating a space they absolutely LOVE! Ro also has teamed up with JHeiland Interiors to Feng Shui and stage homes for Realtors, Commercial and residential property owners who want to get the best price when they sell and do it fast!


Riverside and San Bernardino Counties


Liv KellgrenLiv Kellgren, Conscious Environments Serving San Diego, Inland Empire, Temecula, Murrieta, Distance Consultations and the World! Offering Residential and Business Consultations, Interior ReDesign, extreme situations, Staging, Workshops, Presentations, Corporate Events, licensed REALTOR® (760) 579-9519 Conscious Environments combines Essential Feng Shui, Environmental Psychology and Interior ReDesign so that you can _____________. Yes! With Conscious Environments you can fill in the blank. Let’s discover how you can get what you want AND what you need!


Pamela Potenzo, Desert Zen Shui Offering(business, residential, Real-estate Home staging, and Fashion Feng Shui Serving California, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Los Angeles County 760-296-2767 Pamela Potenzo is a registered nurse, Board Certified in Holistic Nursing. She has extensive experience in education, sales and marketing in the hospital, community and corporate setting. A graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui and Fashion Feng Shui. Pamela also holds certifications in Healing Touch, Life, Career and Wellness coaching. Her client list includes Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, Jenny Craig, Elieen Fisher and Talbots. Pamela, a wellness advocate believes people can empower themselves and improve their health by combining the best of both eastern and western healthcare practices. She is available for workshops, conferences and speaking engagements.

Orange County

Donna HunnicuttDonna Hunnicutt, Serenity By Design Feng Shui Serving Orange County and surrounding areas Offering Residential and Commercial Customized Feng Shui consultations, trainings/ workshops, Real Estate Staging, Re-Design, Space Clearings, and “Building and Marketing Harmonious Homes with Feng Shui”- specifically targeted to the New Home Builder. (949) 533-9429 Serenity By Design specializes in “Conscious Design”. We focus on creating Environments which Relax the Mind, Body, & Spirit, by incorporating the principles of Feng Shui into our design projects. Through the use of simple, subtle, but effective Feng Shui concepts, we transform ordinary spaces into environments which are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also “feel” balanced, harmonious, and serene. Donna Hunnicutt,  Marketing MBA, and  certified Feng Shui consultant services the  Orange County, CA area.  She has extensive experience in the fields of fitness & wellness, Feng Shui, Sales & Marketing management, public speaking/training/workshops, and residential real estate.


Jill KostrinskyJill Kostrinsky, Clear Feng Shui Serving Orange County Offering Residential and Business Consultations (770) 355-4478 Let Jill guide you with practical suggestions on how you can transform your environment to enhance your hopes, dreams and desires. Create powerful changes in your life with feng shui! Also available for workshops and speaking engagements.

Joan LinderJoan Linder, Joan Linder Interior Design Serving Orange County/The World Offering Residential, Commercial, Business Consultations (949) 887-6350 & Joan has been an Interior Designer for 40 years. She was on the founding Board of Certification for California Interior Designers, is a member of ASID, IDS, ASFS, WSFS and participated in Design Houses and Home Shows. She has Clients in CA, CT, TX, LA, NE, TN and WY. She is a Feng Shui, Vastu and Human Design Specialist. She traveled extensively, studied ancient sciences and in 1992 began to use Feng Shui with her design work. “After years of working with blueprints and sketches for the rich and not so rich, I wondered if there wasn’t more than just a pretty house. I love bringing balance into an environment and really giving my clients the gift of being in harmony with the world they live in…and watching their money increase and love blossom in their lives.”

Robin MayfieldRobin Mayfield, Home and Garden Feng Shui – Feng Shui Today Serving San Diego County, Orange County, Temecula and Murrieta Offering Residential, Business and Landscaping Consultations, plus Redesign and Property Staging (760) 522-5237 Robin combines years of formal training with her intuitive skills to bring harmony and balance to living environments both inside and out. Her down-to-earth style and enthusiasm for positive change will inspire you to create the life you desire. Whether it is abundant prosperity, vibrant health and/or loving relationships you seek, Feng Shui Today will assist you in creating it.Robin offers both on-site and remote consultations. She is also available for presentations.

Los Angeles

Victoria Allen, Raise Your State Offering Residential Services Phone: (310) 826-9020 Cell: (805) 455-4660 Victoria supports people in creating a vibrant sanctuary to enhance the inner and outer state of their life. As an essential Feng Shui practitioner and Life Coach, she combines her expertise to focus on 3 main ingredients that promotes balance, health and vitality in every area of life. She works with her clients to Give Their Home a Master Cleanse, Enhance Elemental Balance and Tend to the Atmosphere with their inner state. Victoria’s expertise incorporates over 20 years of experience in the healing arts. She is a yoga teacher who applies the yogic principles of mindfulness to all her work. Her practical and comprehensive feng shui sessions focus on the whole of life.


Helen ArabanosHelen Arabanos, Full Bloom Feng Shui
Serving Los Angeles and Ventura County
Offering Residential, Commercial and Small Business Consultations
(818) 282-4282 
WE HEAL HOMES™ Helen is a graduate of the WSFS Essential Feng Shui® training program (2005) and an author. Her book HE’S INTO YOU…But Is His Home?  is very unique. It shares how to interpret the Feng Shui of a man’s (or woman’s) home and what that can reveal about him and your relationship.  Helen is also trained in traditional Compass method Feng Shui and has studied with Masters from around the world. She has studied many related practices such as Chinese Face Reading, Dowsing, and Four Pillars Chinese Astrology. She has a simple approach to Feng Shui, giving suggestions that are quick and easy to implement, enabling her clients to experience a difference immediately. Visit her website for free tips, articles, and videos. “A little Feng Shui goes a long way”™   Return to Practitioners Directory

Laura Carrillo, Narrative Space
Offering Specializing in Space Planning & Space Clearing from an alchemical perspective for Residences & Businesses Serving Greater Los Angeles Area, Orange County and Beyond

Phone: (323) 522-6811 Cell: (415) 902-4846 
Languages:  English & Spanish While studying Feng Shui, I became inspired by the concept that our environments serve as symbolic mirrors and what is reflected is our personal narrative.  When I visit your space, I read the narrative and help you edit your story with Feng Shui to create a positive new chapter and narrative!  Feng Shui is a solution oriented aesthetic and practice that treats your environment as a living entity and extension of yourself.  I help people by providing energetic solutions for areas of life that need enhancing!  My website includes instructional videos, more about me, Feng Shui & Space Clearing services!

m michallet

Marianne Gordon
Offering Residential,  Business, Real Estate in the Greater Los Angeles area. 
Phone: 310-923-6956
I want my clients who are going through a transition period to come out the other side, feeling happier, beyond their imagination. I have successfully helped transformed many lives for the past 10 years and plan on keeping doing it. Businesses and Real Estate also get a major boost. Please read what clients say about their experience at: Twitter: @Fengshuize

MrigoMarie Elena Rigo, Business: MER Life Design Serving Los Angeles 

Offering Residential and Business Consultations, Interior Design, Paint Color Selection, Speaking/ Workshops

(888) 828-5888 Fax: (413) 825-5888 
Marie Elena Rigo, is the president of MER Life Design, a full-service firm that offers residential and commercial Feng Shui/interior design, personal/professional coaching, and customized workshops/seminars to motivate, inspire and facilitate change. She is the former Los Angeles Chapter Director of the International Feng Shui Guild and practices integrative Feng Shui which combines a number of systems including Form, Compass/Classical & Black Sect to maximize the energy within an environment.

Anita Rosenberg, International Feng Shui and BaZi Chinese Astrology Expert
Serving Los Angeles and The World
Offering Residential, Business, Real Estate, specializing in BaZi Chinese Astrology Readings
(213) 379-5677
“One of the city’s top certified Feng Shui consultants and Queen of Ch’i.” – Los Angeles Confidential Magazine Anita is the go-to expert in Los Angeles, Aspen, Vietnam, India and Panama for Classical Feng Shui and BaZi Chinese Astrology. With degrees from the Western School of Feng Shui and Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Anita has over sixteen years of experience. Award-winning author, International Speaker and YPO Resource Anita brings her unique blend of Western and ancient Chinese Metaphysics along with timeless Hollywood glamour to transform and illuminate the homes, businesses, and lives of each client. As an intuitive, she can literally read the story that is unfolding in any space and customizes a package of services to help you reach your personal and professional goals. Anita starred in the TV pilot, “The Feng Shui Way” and has been featured on VH1, Mundos Network, Discovery Channel and HGTV. Clients rave she is “fun to work with and watches your back.” Anita’s personal investment in each person and project is authentic and heartfelt.

plaid hs_5x7Raquel Rothermund, RR Essential Feng Shui
Serving Los Angeles. Completely open to other areas Offering Residential and Business Consultations
(310) 433-1118 & (818) 957-2441

Through no grace of my own, I was born intuitive. The principles of balance and harmony promulgated and promoted by Feng Shui come naturally to me. It is my life.


Tam VTam Valentine~ Harmonizing Feng Shui
Serving Thousand Oaks (home base), Long Beach, Corona & counties of Ventura, Los Angeles & Inland Empire.
Offering residential, small business, classroom consultations and workshops.


I help build solid foundations through Intentional Design so everyone is able to live life fully.  Using my Essential Feng Shui® training I create spaces that support your goals and dreams and bring balance to your life.  Call me to find out how “Cool” Feng Shui is … and allow me to help you create thriving home, business and classroom learning environments.

tarynwayneTaryn Wayne, ePro Realtor
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
Serving: Los Angeles and surrounding areas
Offering: Residential and Business Consultations
Phone: 818-917-4475



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Essential Feng Shui Graduates

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Graduates of the Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner Training Program

This is a comprehensive list of all Graduates of the Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner Training Program.

All Essential Feng Shui Graduates have attended all Practitioner Training classes, and have successfully completed all Pre- and Post-Training assignments and projects.

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