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Anita Rosenberg

Anita Rosenberg

art of painted furnitureThe Art of Painted Furniture

Anita Rosenberg shares her super secrets for creating fabulous painted furniture. She presents the most beautiful patterns and creative ideas, all broken down so they’re easy to follow, and offers suggestions on where to find furniture to personalize, feng shui tips on color, and exciting designs.

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Thursdays With Mom & Michael

Thursdays With Mom & Michael

A daughter’s loving tribute to her mother’s weekly dinner parties in Aspen


Elaine Rosenberg’s beautifully themed tables and Chef Michael Rueggeberg’s regionally inspired cuisine is a sumptuous guide for aspiring hosts and hostesses.

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Practical Magic and Household LuckPractical Magic & Household Luck

Everything you need to know to improve your lucky chances. A reference guide to Buddha, Ganesh, Quan Yin and Lakshmi. Learn how Lucky Cats bring good fortune and how-to light incense and work with magical candles. Plus a picture guide to my favorite crystals and where to place them.

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Feng Shui Luck Feng Shui Luck

This book captures Anita’s passion for synthesizing Eastern and Western Feng Shui practices. Here, she offers an abundance of helpful tips, ideas and examples to help you create and sustain harmony in your life.” -Terah Kathryn Collins

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