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Ann Bingley Gallops


Ann Bingley Gallops

Map-Your-Space-To-Change-Your-Life-cover-179x250Map Your Space to Change Your Life

Feng Shui Essentials: The Bagua Map
Use this essential, one-of-a-kind guide to:

•Apply specific Feng Shui tips for every area of your home.
•Learn from abundant real-life case studies and examples.
•Follow detailed sketches and diagrams.
•Learn key Feng Shui terms and principles.
•Discover the meaning of your Feng Shui astrological number.
•Get tips for creating the best possible results when you use the Bagua.

                                                              Get Map Your Space to Change Your Life!

feng shui in the bedroom
Feng Shui In The Bedroom

Your Path To Love, Romance & Intimacy

Single and looking for love? Feng Shui helps you attract the healthy, vibrant relationship you desire and deserve.
Hoping to revitalize your love life? Feng Shui revives the excitement of new romance with adjustments that bring you closer to your partner.
Simply looking to create a personal sanctuary for yourself?
Feng Shui creates an environment that’s restful and serene, where you can feel rejuvenated and at ease throughout
                                                                  your life.

                                                                 Get Feng Shui In The Bedroom!