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Autumn’s Alchemy

Autumn’s Alchemy


Dear Essential Feng Shui Family,

We are all blessed with friends who touch our hearts, make us laugh, and bring great Joy into our lives. For me, 3 of those lovely people are Daniel Peralta, Ro Rusnock, and Mary Dennis.  I’m featuring Daniel’s fabulous photos here, as well as sharing the Good News about the upcoming LIVE trainings with Ro And Mary. Enjoy!!


Photo by Daniel Peralta-

Autumn foliage makes a show of letting go… It’s the perfect time to join the party and celebrate shedding the old!

Photo by Daniel Peralta-

Just say YES to this season’s bright invitation, knowing that new opportunities,
 relationships, and possessions require space to land and live.




 Photo by Daniel Peralta-
Here’s how to actually enjoy shedding the old:

1. Find a place where clutter and unwanted possessions have accumulated, such as in the garage, basement, cabinets, closets, corners, or under the bed.
2. Crank up the music! The kind of foot-tapping, hip-swaying music that puts a big smile on your face. Make it Happy and make it Loud.
3. Illuminate your work-space. Do all your sorting in a very well-lit area, or add lighting to make it super-bright.
4. Lift everything you’re sorting UP off the floor. Do all your work on tables, counters, or other table-height horizontal surfaces. No sorting on the floor allowed!

Photo by Brian Collins

Photo by Brian Collins

5. Label 3 boxes or bags Stowaway; Giveaway; Throwaway and start filling them up. (these can be on the floor)

6. Pour your favorite drink, have a great snack handy, and ask helpful friends and family members to join you. Remember, this is a party dedicated to lightening UP and letting GO!
7. Whistle while you work. Sing along with the music,       dance around, eat, drink, and make merry while you organize your stowaways: bag up the giveaways; and dispose of the throwaways. Feel what’s happening. You are becoming light, lighter, lighter!

Photo by Daniel Peralta-

Photo by Daniel Peralta-

Complete your Autumnal shed by taking a relaxing bath or shower. Strip away the clothes you worked in, imagine gentle rain and luminous leaves falling, and let Autumn’s alchemy cleanse you from within. What old patterns are you letting go of?
Visualize them falling away and affirm, “I am light and open. I have plenty of room to welcome new blessings into my life.

Here are some of my favorite dance songs to get you started!

I Am Your Soul by Above and Beyond 
Just Be by Tiesto
Walking On Clouds by Tiesto 
Lips like Sugar by Echo & the Funnyman 
Beautiful Things by DJ Tiesto

Bon Voyage!

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