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Carol Daigneault

Carol Daigneault

Feng Shui Maine

                                                   I Hold the Power of Peace

POwer of Peace

Many people feel helpless when confronted with today’s innumerable global challenges.  Perhaps we can volunteer our time or donate money but how can one person really make a difference? In the wake of September 11, 2001, the author asked this same question and came to the realization that I Hold the Power of Peace.

Carol Daigneault shares her insights from years of exploration and study of this message. We are each a part of the larger body of humanity and every individual has an important and pivotal part to play in making the world better for all.

Presented in a concise and straight-forward manner, I                                                                                     Hold the Power of Peace is compelling inspiration for                                                                                     enhancing both your own life and that of others.

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