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Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training

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Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training

Become a Certified Essential Feng Shui Practitioner 

Study with best-selling author Terah Kathryn Collins and her WSFS instructors 

Practical. Personal. Transformational.

Terah answers your questions,
Guides you through every step of your professional studies,
Awards your completion with your own Certificate of Achievement from the
Western School of Feng Shui.
(the highest form of Certification available in the USA)
Enjoy Live Weekly Coaching Calls + Online Lectures + Personal Support + Private Teacher/Student Forum + Professional Certification
Both high-tech and high-touch, we offer you the freedom to study at your own pace while engaging in real-time connections with your teachers and classmates.
Register here and begin your Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training today!

 “I would like to thank you again for offering this Training. I am truly enjoying every minute of your training and cannot wait until I get certified and start a new career that I truly want!” – M.S. – Lebanon

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Read on to get better acquainted with our one-of-a-kind Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training!

The Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner Training teaches you all of the skills you need to become a confident, successful EFS practitioner. It is customized to allow you to:

  • Study at your pace
  • Meet with Terah Kathryn Collins and WSFS instructors each week during live coaching calls
  • Connect with your instructors and fellow classmates whenever you wish via our private teacher/student forum.
Both high-tech and high-touch, we offer you the freedom to study at your own pace while enjoying real-time connections with your teachers and classmates.

This is a goal I’ve had for so long. The training, support and inspiration that the WSFS teachers & staff have given to their students is exceptional. I feel encouraged and blessed by all of it. Many many thanks to all of you for giving me, and all of your students, this remarkable opportunity. 
Love to all of you, Karen SG

I received my Certificate of Achievement in the mail yesterday!! I can’t wait to hang it up! Thank you so much for everything – you are all such amazing women, and I am so thankful for everything the school has given me and will continue to give me.

Love, Bre-An 

The Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training changes lives…

Feng Shui Live CLassesBecoming a professional Essential Feng Shui Practitioner requires an on-going commitment to learning a whole new way of viewing the world. The Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training includes everything you need to become a confident, results-producing professional. From online lectures to live coaching and group mentoring, this is an all-inclusive support network, dedicated to your personal growth and professional success.

We help you establish your ideal study and set your goals for completing your studies. Wherever you are living in the world, we connect you with your classmates in numerous ways. Meeting your “kindred spirits” from your region, nation, and other countries provides you with a network of dynamic sisters and brothers who share the journey with you and you express your unique gifts and services.

The personalized coaching and group mentoring will help you answer your specific questions and address your individual needs wholeheartedly. 

Finally, becoming a Essential Feng Shui practitioner requires the successful completion of a series of final projects to demonstrate your Essential Feng Shui skills and knowledge. Your in-the-field practical “final exam” includes a much deeper, more personal mentoring relationship with us.

The Western School of Feng Shui leads the way in Alumni Support. You can look forward to receiving your password into our alumni private webpage, Facebook group membership, Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Directory listing, alumni-only newsletters, and more. As your Essential Feng Shui journey unfolds, it is our mission is to support and inspire you along the Way!


All payments are processed through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to register. 

Register here for the

Personalized Online Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training

Option 1: Pay in Full $1897



Register here for the

Personalized Online Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training

Option 2: 4 Monthly Payments of $484.25

REGISTER NOW[/showhide]

   If you need help or have questions, please email us at or call 760-828-0128

Check the calendar for upcoming Events and Coaching Calls: 

Calendar subject to change

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The Retail Recipe For Great Feng Shui

Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Career & Business, Essential Feng Shui Tips, Five Elements | 2 comments

On a recent visit to a new gift shop in town, I passed a woman who was just leaving with a big shopping bag in hand. “This place has great Feng Shui,” she beamed. My curiosity piqued, I asked her, “What exactly do you mean by great Feng Shui?”  “Oh, you’ll feel it right away,” she said, smiling over her shoulder. “It’s the whole atmosphere.”
And indeed, the store did have a very inviting atmosphere.  Inviting enough for me to buy something so I could take a little piece of that great Feng Shui home with me…  So what exactly is “great Feng Shui?” As an Essential Feng Shui® consultant for jewel
over fifteen years, I liken it to the favorite meal you create with just the right ingredients.  When you know the recipe, you can make magic happen and in this case, an enchantingly irresistible retail atmosphere.
The recipe begins with three fundamental ingredients, or the three foundational principles of Essential Feng Shui:
1. Everything is Alive ñ Essential Feng Shui® observes that all things are essentially alive with the thoughts and feelings we associate with them.  Every thing triggers internal dialog, memories, and associations.  The trick is to create a shopping environment that prompts the chatter inside shoppers’ heads to say things like, “I really love the lighting in here; oh, I love that color; this reminds me of being on vacation, what a soft chair …”  Not, “I look awful in this lighting; what an ugly color; that looks like my kid’s messy room; there’s nowhere to sit in this place …”  
Creating an environment that encourages feel-good mind-talk is a gift – a gift that shoppers purchase and take home with them.  Instinctively, they know that every time they look at their purchase, the pleasing memory of their experience in your store will come alive again.
2. Everything is Connected -Essential Feng Shui® views all parts of an environment as connected.  For storeowners this means that areas such as the “employees only” bathroom, the storeroom, and the back office are just as connected to the store’s success as the showroom.  Whether it can be seen from the front entrance or not, clutter and disorder can push prosperity right out the door.  Every square inch counts and it’s all connected.
What’s more, your personal connection with your business is crucial. The more you really love and feel connected to it, the more you’re ready, willing, and able to pour your essence into it, and to address clutter and maintenance issues as they arise.  This principle also applies to your connection with every customer who walks through your door.  Serving customers with the “just right” balance between harassing and ignoring them is the holy grail of customer service.  People respond best to soft landings, where no one barks a pseudo-cheery “Hello!” at them as soon as they enter the store and yet they can connect with someone helpful when they’re ready.
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Feng Shui Q&A: Unexpected Changes- Career Gua

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Bagua, Career & Business, Q & A, Your Career | Comments Off on Feng Shui Q&A: Unexpected Changes- Career Gua

One of our Feng Shui friends asks:

After reading The Western Guide to Feng Shui  I was so inspired, and wanted to improve the career area of my apartment.  It turns out that my boyfriend lost his job and income, and is now blaming me and the Feng Shui, saying it did the total opposite for him and our family.

I would really appreciate if you can help us out to remedy this situation.


Thank you so much for your question!

Keep in mind that when done with intention, Essential Feng Shui works in mysterious ways, ultimately and always, transforming situations, events and people toward betterment.

So, of course it’s shocking and difficult for your family right now, and is he looking for another job? Your Feng Shui changes may have cleared the path for him to more fully live his purpose. Or, since you did the Feng Shui, it’s clearing a path for you to live YOUR purpose.

Have you also Feng Shui’d the Wealth & Prosperity area? and the Love & Relationship area? And all the others? Together, the guas support a life of happily ever after… even if the journey gets a little rocky along the way.

Hang in there. It’s all transforming…

If you’d like to deepen your knowledge of the Bagua Map and its application, check out the Bagua Treasure Map Virtual Course.  



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Telesummit – The Less Traveled Path to Purpose

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Career & Business, Community Voice, Feng Shui Classes, Inspiration, The Tao of Lifestyle | Comments Off on Telesummit – The Less Traveled Path to Purpose

Would you like to make the next phase of your life your best ever?


Good. Because you’re invited to join me and twenty-one leading experts on “The Less Traveled Path to True Purpose” TeleSummit with your host Lora LeFhae beginning June 1st. We’ll be exploring the many ways you can embrace your unique purpose, express your authentic passion, and enjoy every moment of your life! When it’s my turn to present I’ll talk about the Tao of Lifestyle and how to sustain – or regain – a lifestyle that promotes your vitality, abundant resources, and happiness.


Here’s what you’ll receive from this transformational event:

  • Discover what’s holding you back. Is your mindset keeping you from recognizing your heart’s desire?
  • Find your “purpose statement” and how it can lead you to real fulfillment.
  • Discern your powerful motivations. Are you focused only on external motivators?
  • Map your desires, gifts and talents to discover your passion and purpose.


Here’s the best part, it’s totally free, so that means all you have to do to claim your spot is to register here. This is a one-time only event.


Register now to reserve your space.


If you are searching for clear direction, authentic passion, and more meaning in your life, this is your summit!

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Narrative Space with Laura

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in Bagua, Career & Business, Feng Shui Bedroom, Feng Shui Home Office | Comments Off on Narrative Space with Laura

My Personal Journey with Feng Shui & Narrative Space

by Laura Carillo, WSFS Graduate

I would like to share one of my personal experiences with Feng Shui. I had a long standing interest in Feng Shui; the art of placement and had been reading about it for years but couldn’t fathom how one could make a career out of it. I did play around with it and experiment with my environment using my home as a Feng Shui lab of sorts. For some reason, I have always had homes where my Prosperity gua was my bedroom and the Relationship gua would be in my living-room area and work space. For many years, I worked in some sort of outside sales with a home office. The home office was inevitably in my Relationship gua.

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Essential Feng Shui Tips: The Career Gua

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Bagua, Career & Business, Essential Feng Shui Tips | Comments Off on Essential Feng Shui Tips: The Career Gua

The Bagua Map: The Career Gua

Enhance to:

  • Clarify your purpose in life
  • Encourage positive change in your current job or career
  • Attract meaningful volunteer or community service work
  • Strengthen the attribute of courage
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