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Kindred Spirits

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Inherent Joy

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Meme feet

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Spring, Up Close and Personal

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A collection of herbs in colorful pots thrive in a sunny window

A collection of herbs in colorful pots thrive in a sunny window

Spring, Up Close and Personal 


O Spring, I emerge 

 from my Winter rest hungry 

 for your vibrant growth!




Dear Essential Feng Shui Family,

Mother Nature’s Spring Ch’i is awakening all around us as the cold stillness of Winter transforms into innumerable births.  Springtime, the season of the Wood element, is tremendously revitalizing, the ultimate green drink for the spirit.That ‘spring in your step’ is real as you respond to the unfurling of so much new life.  


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On the Wings of Imagination

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Photo credit: Dimitrios Lamprou

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Feng Shui Q & A: Placing Mirrors Above Stoves/Ovens

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Placing Mirrors Above Stoves/Ovens

One of our Feng-Shui friends asks:


Q:  1) In the case where you have to place a mirror on the wall behind the kitchen stove (because your back is to the rest of the home), is it best to have a wood or metal frame around the mirror? Does the color of the frame matter? Can it be just gray or silver frame color?
2) How about a mirror above a fireplace? Does the color or material of the frame matter? How about items on the mantel above the fireplace? Is it best to place items in red tones to totally opposite of the fire colors?
A:  Thanks for these questions!
Regarding mirrors above stoves:
While having a reflective surface does serve as a subconscious safety-net against being surprised when your back is to the room, there is an even bigger reason mirrors are used above stoves/ovens.  Because your stove is a big ol’ fire element, we bring in mirrors (which represent the water element) to cut the fire and help bring balance to this energetic little zone!  If it were me, I’d use a metal frame since the metal element nourishes the water element.  Using a wooden frame in this place may send the psychological message of combustibility with all of that fire around.  Here is a great chart that explains the Five Element nourishing/controlling/reductive cycles.  Regarding the color of the mirror, you can leave it metallic, or if you want to make this a five-element display, choose a color not yet elementally represented, like an earth tone.  Mostly- choose something you like!
I’d suggest similar solutions with color/material for above-the-fireplace mirrors.  As far as items on the mantle or around the fireplace, make sure they aren’t combustible and don’t have the appearance of being combustable (find a different home for your vase of dried flowers, for example).  A roaring fire is likely a very yang expression of the fire element, but remember, we want to see both yin and yang expressions of each element; so try incorporating touches of yin fire as well.  Some yin-words/elements might be ornate, textured, floral, curved lines, rugs, dim light, etc.  This Room Balance Analysis is a handy sheet that can help you balance the yin and yang in a room.
Thanks again for the opportunity for this exchange!


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Feng Shui Q & A: Storing Purses

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Storing Purses the Feng Shui Way

A Feng Shui Friend Asks

Q. Is there anything wrong to place and store purses and bags in a storage bench which is placed at the bottom of the bed where the foot rest usually goes? In other words are bags supposed to be hung or placed on the shelves some where in the room or there is no Feng Shui right or wrong about where you store your purses/bags?

A. Storage is absolutely a Feng Shui issue, so thank you for asking about it. We’re going to take a look at yin and yang to determine the best place for these purses.

Yin energy is low, dark, deep, curvy, detailed, meandering, colder…

Yang energy is high, bright, at your finger tips, straight, plain, flat, hotter…

The storage bench sounds as if it provides more yin than yang, tucked away, out of sight, in a dark, cold container. Ideally, what goes in a storage container is congruent with its energy. Therefore, in yin storage goes winter decorations, sweaters, blankets, archived papers, memorabilia from one’s past, rarely used items; into yang storage (open shelves, brightly lit, clearly labeled, organized or displayed beautifully) place items often used or quickly needed.

Additionally, take a look at our recent blog post about Feng Shui for Purses. This will also shed some light on your decision.

So, there’s no right nor wrong way to do Feng Shui. We’re creating environments that are harmonious with our daily intentions and ideas, and help facilitate our life-long dreams and goals.

Thanks for the questions!!

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