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Newsletter: Holiday Season 2016

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Autumn’s Alchemy

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Dear Essential Feng Shui Family,

We are all blessed with friends who touch our hearts, make us laugh, and bring great Joy into our lives. For me, 3 of those lovely people are Daniel Peralta, Ro Rusnock, and Mary Dennis.  I’m featuring Daniel’s fabulous photos here, as well as sharing the Good News about the upcoming LIVE trainings with Ro And Mary. Enjoy!!


Photo by Daniel Peralta-

Autumn foliage makes a show of letting go… It’s the perfect time to join the party and celebrate shedding the old!

Photo by Daniel Peralta-

Just say YES to this season’s bright invitation, knowing that new opportunities,
 relationships, and possessions require space to land and live.




 Photo by Daniel Peralta-
Here’s how to actually enjoy shedding the old:

1. Find a place where clutter and unwanted possessions have accumulated, such as in the garage, basement, cabinets, closets, corners, or under the bed.
2. Crank up the music! The kind of foot-tapping, hip-swaying music that puts a big smile on your face. Make it Happy and make it Loud.
3. Illuminate your work-space. Do all your sorting in a very well-lit area, or add lighting to make it super-bright.
4. Lift everything you’re sorting UP off the floor. Do all your work on tables, counters, or other table-height horizontal surfaces. No sorting on the floor allowed!

Photo by Brian Collins

Photo by Brian Collins

5. Label 3 boxes or bags Stowaway; Giveaway; Throwaway and start filling them up. (these can be on the floor)

6. Pour your favorite drink, have a great snack handy, and ask helpful friends and family members to join you. Remember, this is a party dedicated to lightening UP and letting GO!
7. Whistle while you work. Sing along with the music,       dance around, eat, drink, and make merry while you organize your stowaways: bag up the giveaways; and dispose of the throwaways. Feel what’s happening. You are becoming light, lighter, lighter!

Photo by Daniel Peralta-

Photo by Daniel Peralta-

Complete your Autumnal shed by taking a relaxing bath or shower. Strip away the clothes you worked in, imagine gentle rain and luminous leaves falling, and let Autumn’s alchemy cleanse you from within. What old patterns are you letting go of?
Visualize them falling away and affirm, “I am light and open. I have plenty of room to welcome new blessings into my life.

Here are some of my favorite dance songs to get you started!

I Am Your Soul by Above and Beyond 
Just Be by Tiesto
Walking On Clouds by Tiesto 
Lips like Sugar by Echo & the Funnyman 
Beautiful Things by DJ Tiesto

Bon Voyage!

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                                    The EFS Live Training is HERE!
                               Join us LIVE, up close and personal in Arizona!

You asked for it Essential Feng Shui lovers, and now you can immerse yourself in 7 days of intensive learning with an intimate group of kindred spirits to become a Certified Essential Feng Shui Practitioner:

AND for a limited time, when you register for our Live EFS Practitioner Training in September, you also receive access to our Personalized Online EFS Training!

Ro RusnockFacilitated by Rosanne Rusnock, Certified Essential Feng Shui Practitioner, Teacher,
and Coach.

Click here for details! 
Register now and receive both the experience of learning in a classroom-setting
with personal attention and real time Q&A, and access to our online materials.

You’ll receive:

  • A full week of LIVE learning in Scottsdale, AZ,
  • Over 50 hours of in-class video lectures with Terah and WSFS instructors so you can review the Training anytime,
  • Terah’s introductory audio program,
  • Access to our private EFS Facebook community!

We are thrilled to be offering this in-person opportunity. Space is limited, so jump in now to reserve your seat!

                                       Join the School of Graceful Lifestyles
                              for a 5-Day Feng Shui Intentional Design Program!
                                              September 28- October 2, 2016
                                                               Nashville, TN

Add another level to your Feng Shui practice!

This signature 5-Day Program was originally developed for International Feng Shui Guild members and teaches you basic design skills such as palette selection, floor plan designs, furniture styles, vendor alliances, portfolio assembly, and successful business procedures.

MDennisTaught by Mary Dennis, EDAC, Award Winning Intentional Designer, Co-Founder and
President Emeritus of the IFSG.
Learn more about Mary Dennis here.

Join us in Tennessee and receive hands-on, personal guidance into the field of intentional
interior design!

Click here for more details! 


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Inner Pull

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Paintbrush meme                                                                                                            artist: unknown

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Summer Fun Shui is here!

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by Terah Kathryn Collins

Summertime is the perfect season to ‘Feng Shui’ your home and garden.

According to Essential Feng Shui, being in Nature, up close and personal, turns UP the supply of energy that sustains your vitality, loving relationships, and an overall sense of well being. Essential Feng Shui also gleans wisdom from Chinese Medicine, relating Summer with laughter and heart-centered activities. Tis the season for projects that are fun and collaborative, and that deepen your connection with Nature.


Community Garden by Carolyn Kates

Community Garden by Carolyn Kates

A great place to start is to assess how your home is situated on the land. Feng Shui, literally translated as “wind and water,” focuses on your safety, comfort, and happiness. To assure these qualities are literally held in place, homes are ideally located where the elements of wind and the water are not too close and not too far away. These ‘just right’ sites include a protective embrace of natural features such as mountains, hills, or trees around the back and sides, and a beautiful view of water from the front. Open your Feng Shui eyes and take a look at how your location corresponds with these guidelines. 

Clearly, the location of most homes doesn’t fit this description. You may live on the edge of a cliff, atop a hill or mountain, or in a canyon or lowland. It may be the opposite of an ideal Feng Shui configuration, with a big hill in the front that blocks incoming Ch’i and a pool in the back that offers little protection. Relax. The good news is there are many ways you can capture the essence of an ideal location. And, the more your projects are fun for you and your kids, family members, friends, and neighbors, the better! 


Photo by Amy Chini

For instance, throw a potluck party with close friends and plant evergreen plants in your back yard together. Eat, drink, and make memories while adding a natural backbone of protection to your home. Create your own little ‘barn raising’ by inviting the neighbors over to help install side yard foliage or fencing, followed by a barbeque. Neighborly collaboration increases a comforting embrace around your home in more ways than one. Involve your children in choosing and planting ornamental or fruit trees to define a property line. The fruit and flowers of your labors will nurture your family and enhance your sense of safety, comfort, and beauty throughout every season. 

Don’t have any land to play with? There’s still plenty of things you can do to enhance your location. Houseplants, screens, art depicting Nature, and window treatments can be arranged to promote your sense of security, comfort, and beauty indoors. 


garden fountain

Photographer: Unknown

Water is classically located in front of a house to increase the energy flow into your home. When you don’t already have a water feature in your front yard, you can add one via a birdbath, fountain, urn, pond, stream, pool, or waterfall. 

When choosing a fountain, select one that flows 360 degrees around, like many fountains in plazas and courtyards. Or, install a waterfall or fountain to face toward your front door, directing the flow of Ch’i into your home. Most kids love water, making it a fun Summer project to find and install the water feature with them.

No front yard? Consider placing a small water feature or aquarium in your foyer or entry area. When there is space for it, create your own mini-garden by including plants or flowers in your design. 

Please note that any water feature requires maintenance. While a bird bath or fountain takes a few minutes to maintain each week, a stream, pool, or pond may require hours. When choosing a water feature that’s right for you, consider the time that you or a hired professional will need to keep it fresh and beautiful. Once you’ve made a choice, enjoy your water view, knowing that it is a timeless Ch’i enhancement, prized for uplifting and nurturing all aspects of your life. 

Looking for more ‘fun shui’ Summer projects?  Here are 9 more ways to enjoy yourself: 

  1. Grow food! Integrate veggies and fruit trees into your garden design; fill planters with edibles; and team up with neighbors to grow and harvest food together.
  1. Include bird feeders, plants having berries and flowers that birds and butterflies love, and other enhancements that encourage helpful creatures to visit your garden. 
  1. Design an gracious path to your front door that includes points of interest, such as statuary, wind chimes, a water feature, or seating.
  1. Create a fabulous view outside every window and door. Be creative! 
  1. Design curvy meandering pathways, patios, and borders to compliment the straight lines of your home’s architecture.  
  1. Create aesthetically pleasing and organized storage areas for trash cans, tools, and garden supplies. 
  1. Plant protective landscaping in the front of your home when it’s located on a busy street, at the end of a cul-de-sac, or at aT-junction.
  2. Include very comfortable seating where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.
  1. Install plenty of lovely lighting to enhance the safety and enjoyment of your handiwork. 

Remember, the fun, laughter, and camaraderie you enjoy sows Good Vibes into everything you do. May your Summer projects remind you of great times with lovely people for years to come!

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Kindred Spirits

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Inherent Joy

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Meme feet

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