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A Joyous Career

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016 in Inspiration, Terah, Your Career | Comments Off on A Joyous Career

Waterfall Meme

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Feng Shui Q&A: Unexpected Changes- Career Gua

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Bagua, Career & Business, Q & A, Your Career | Comments Off on Feng Shui Q&A: Unexpected Changes- Career Gua

One of our Feng Shui friends asks:

After reading The Western Guide to Feng Shui  I was so inspired, and wanted to improve the career area of my apartment.  It turns out that my boyfriend lost his job and income, and is now blaming me and the Feng Shui, saying it did the total opposite for him and our family.

I would really appreciate if you can help us out to remedy this situation.


Thank you so much for your question!

Keep in mind that when done with intention, Essential Feng Shui works in mysterious ways, ultimately and always, transforming situations, events and people toward betterment.

So, of course it’s shocking and difficult for your family right now, and is he looking for another job? Your Feng Shui changes may have cleared the path for him to more fully live his purpose. Or, since you did the Feng Shui, it’s clearing a path for you to live YOUR purpose.

Have you also Feng Shui’d the Wealth & Prosperity area? and the Love & Relationship area? And all the others? Together, the guas support a life of happily ever after… even if the journey gets a little rocky along the way.

Hang in there. It’s all transforming…

If you’d like to deepen your knowledge of the Bagua Map and its application, check out the Bagua Treasure Map Virtual Course.  



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Feng Shui Q & A: Red Envelopes

Posted by on May 1, 2015 in Q & A, Your Career | Comments Off on Feng Shui Q & A: Red Envelopes

Our friend B.W. asks:

Are your practitioners required to follow the Red Envelope exchange with the client’s money inside? The Black Hat Feng Shui people whom I met said that something unpleasant could happen to the practitioner if he/she doesn’t follow this procedure.
We teach and practice Essential Feng Shui®, which is not Buddhist (Black Hat Feng Shui is steeped in some Buddhist Traditions). EFS is very Westernized, i.e. not religious, and we’ve found that people more easily resonate with Feng Shui’s core principles when they’re simple and accessible.

The red envelopes: No, we do not require that our practitioners use them. Some do use them. Some don’t. Both have great success, neither have experienced anything unpleasant; in other words, our practitioners and their clients get great results.


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The Tao of Lifestyle: Joy in Work

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters, Your Career | Comments Off on The Tao of Lifestyle: Joy in Work

Work often has an active, laser-like quality that calls you to be productive and accomplish specific tasks requiring a focused output of energy. This can be full of the pleasures of manifestation and the fulfillment of completion. Because you are the steward of your own well-being, it is your quest to seek out and magnify the thread of joy in your work.

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Essential Stories: A New Compass

Posted by on May 9, 2014 in Bagua, Career & Business, Compass Feng Shui, Essential Stories, Relationship Tips, Your Career | Comments Off on Essential Stories: A New Compass

Hello WSFS!

I’m happy to report that A. found a job!  It came about through a series of “coincidences” shortly after we changed the photograph in the bathroom from the sailboat to the anchor, and installed the compass in the career area!

I initially thought it took longer than I expected but after talking with A. about how he found this job I came to realize that the process actually began right after we implemented the changes to the Career area.

Things had seemed to be going slowly after the Career area changes so I made additional tweaks in the Helpful People area (added the statue of an angel) and changed the color of a candle in the Prosperity area to purple.  I also swapped out a plant for a fountain on a part of the balcony that sits in the Prosperity area.

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Terah’s “Your Essential Work as an Essential Feng Shui Practitioner”

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in Audio & Video, Career & Business, Your Career | Comments Off on Terah’s “Your Essential Work as an Essential Feng Shui Practitioner”

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