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Debra Jarvis



Real World Feng Shui

Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui explained logically in ways that you can apply immediately, that make sense in ordinary homes and workplaces. Everyone typically talks about Bad Feng Shui. This book is about Good Feng Shui and how to apply it in the places you live and work. As you read you will have many Ah-ha moments. The principles are explained in logical ways that make sense culturally and account for your individual style and taste. There’s always more than one way to implement an enhancement or cure and this book answers the questions what is Feng Shui and how to Feng Shui so you can do it yourself or get a better understanding before you hire an expert.

Good Feng Shui represents Debra’s years of personal study and consultations in Australian homes and workplaces, culminating in an abundance of success stories that Debra now shares with us all. The stories are real, although details have been changed to protect individual client’s

Enhance your lifestyle, work and relationships through the use of easily understood principles which are simple to apply. Learn the basics and start using them to experience increased Health, Wealth and Happiness for yourself. Basic elements and essential cures are also clearly explained in this down to earth and enjoyable read.

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