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Denise Medved

Denise Medved


Ageless Grace SetThe Ageless Grace Set includes each of the following:

Ageless Grace Playbook- A 78 page, glossy finish “coaching” book to help you understand why and how the 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease work to activate the 5 areas of the brain and address the 21 primary physical aging factors.                                                           

Ageless Grace 3-DVD Set- Each of the three DVDS features 7 of the 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease and are playfully and light-heartedly illustrated to upbeat music. The tools are led as if you are personally taking a class with Creator and Founder, Denise Medved, while she explains what you are doing and gives you ideas for practicing each tool creatively and differently each time you do the simple exercises. Each DVD is approximately 25-35 minutes in length.

Ageless Grace Flashcards- 21 flashcards with brief, bulleted reminders of how to practice each tool, what body parts to move, and ways to move them. There are 7 additional cards that remind you how and why you practice Ageless Grace.

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