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Essential Feng Shui Alumni Authors

Essential Feng Shui Alumni Authors

WSFS Alumni Are Making Their Mark!

Spring, dressed in Nature’s lush new finery, is a great time to ask the question: ‘Do I store my creative spirit like formal wear in the back of my closet, or do I wear it every day like a favorite shirt? Essential Feng Shui recognizes the immense importance of wearing your creativity on your sleeve and teaches you how to cultivate it. When you open yourself to the depth of your uniqueness and the wild beauty of your personal genius, you can imagine your very own personal paradise into being.

Many of our alumni are lighting up the world in their own wonderful way. May the extraordinary brilliance of their unique creations inspire your own illuminated strings of words, fanciful flights of colors, or any imaginative play that wishes to whoosh through you. Put all formalities aside and step fully into your creative spirit. It’s like going home.

– Terah Kathryn Collins, Founder, Western School of Feng Shui


Arabanos, Helen

Daigneault, Carol

Fitzgerald, Hadley

Forbes, Alison

Gallops, Ann Bingley

Grace, Cheryl

Kellgren, Liv

Medved, Denise

Northrup, Kate

Rosenberg, Anita

Talbot, Kelly

Whitehurst, Tess

Wong, Raymond M.

Young, Kac


If you are an alumni author, and are not yet on this list, please let us know! Thank you – we love supporting our wonderful Alumni!