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Essential Feng Shui Tips: Living Rooms

Feng Shui Living RoomLiving Rooms

Feng Shui Definitions

Living rooms are usually the first room you see when you walk through the front door of a house. It’s meant for “living,” and symbolizes your public, social self. Display the art, colors, collections, and interests that you enjoy. Whether it’s Tiffany lamps, photographs, or handcrafted furniture, show your world who you are and what turns you on.

  • The more you make changes in your environment, the faster you may tire of your color scheme and want to modify it. With this in mind, consider neutral tones for your large pieces of furniture so that they act as backdrops for the art and decor that expresses who you are now and into the future.
  • To encourage social intimacy, comfort, and safety, it’s important that you arrange your furniture with care. Place your primary piece of living room furniture in an area that allows you to see the door when sitting there. Or, hang a mirror to reflect the door from the sofa. Arrange other seating, such as love seats and chairs, so that you have at least a peripheral view of the door.
  • Check your furniture for sharp corners and other dangerous obstacles. If you have glass, wood, or metal furniture with “unfriendly” features or corners, either soften the piece with fabric, or turn it at a diagonal to lessen the danger. As you buy new furniture, put safety and comfort first by choosing pieces that don’t have sharp corners or threatening features.
  • Put any electronic equipment, such as televisions and stereos, into cabinets with doors. This will enhance both conversation when other people are with you, and serenity when you are alone.