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Essential Feng Shui to Go

Essential Feng Shui to Go
Essential Feng Shui® to Go


Q: Terah, My family is taking a road trip for Summer Vacation. Can we “Feng Shui” our hotel rooms along the way? E.K., MN

A: Yes! Ideally, road trips and vacations of all kinds are opportunities to “vacate” our own personal paradises and experience other versions of paradise. When planning your vacation, give some serious thought to your preferences. For instance, do you want to stay in hotels that are quiet and off the beaten track or in the middle of a busy area? Find out how close highways, shopping centers, businesses (or elephants!) are from the hotel. Determine how close you’d like your room to be to restaurants, bars, ice and soda machines, elevators, and so on. Along with asking about bed size and other amenities in the room, inquire if the windows open and what the view is from them.

Don’t be shy about letting your host know your preferences. In my travels, I’ve noticed that most hotel employees are interested in providing good hospitality and will do their best to provide you with the best they can offer.

An sometimes we don’t get a great room. Be prepared by traveling with your own Essential Feng Shui® travel kit that includes enhancements such as naturally scented candles, crystals or polished rocks, a few favorite images, photos, or greeting cards, a scarf or two, and any other beloved travel-worthy objects that can make your room feel more like a home. A space can be transformed from less-than-excellent to fine-for-now with your personal touches. I routinely cover the TV with a beautiful scarf, light a few lavendar candles, and place my colorful card-art around the room.  By bringing the Feng Shui party with you, you can create wonderful and lasting memories and have the best vacation possible!

Bon Voyage!

– Terah
P.S. Your Essential Feng Shui travel kit can live permanently in your favorite suitcase, like Helpful People always prepared for the next adventure. Keep your kit packed so that it’s always ready to go go GO!