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Essential Feng Shui Consultations in English


Nic Bambury
Serving: UAE and surrounding area in-person and distant consultations internationally.
Twitter: @NicBambury


Nic is a Certified BTB Feng Shui Consultant and Practitioner and an IIN Health Coach based in Dubai, UAE. She helps people and businesses achieve personal and professional breakthroughs by applying the art of Feng Shui Practices.

She works with homes, businesses, architects, schools and not-for-profit organisations to help improve spaces through Feng Shui, Decluttering, Space Clearing, Design Aesthetics and Five Element Analysis. 

Whether you’re having trouble selling your home, feeling unsettled in your new home, having a run of bad luck in life or business, experiencing fertility issues, suffering from financial difficulties, facing health problems or just generally stuck in life/business, Nic can help.

She offers in-person and distant consultations.

Lucia BIANCHI, Feng Shui Consultant for Personal Style and for Interiors.

I offer on-site consultations in Paris (France) as well as long distance consultations worldwide in French, Italian and English.


Facebook :


My atypical blend of Feng Shui Services helps you find harmony and balance in your closet, in your home and office, giving space of expression to your core essence and to your personal style. You will be surprised how far you can go in the fulfilment of your intentions and how you can grow each day, beyond your dress!

When you convey the good CHI all around your visible self-expressions, from the way you dress your body to the way you “dress” your environment (home, office), you manifest your being and you get support for the realisation of your intentions.

My life journey took me here, happily sharing my skills as Image, Communication and Feng Shui Consultant supported by my previous 15 years’ experience in International Marketing and Business Development.

Welcome in my world! Please get in touch on Facebook:


Gail Cole

Gail Cole
Business: All Things Balanced
Service Area: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, USA & International via Skype
Offering: Residential, Office and Business Consultations, Space Clearing
Phone: 250-589-2035

Gail works with people who are “stuck” in life by helping them change their environment and empower them to see their lives in a happy and successful way.  The effects following Gail’s suggestions can be dramatic and immediate for clients looking for quick change.  Her easy to follow suggestions empowers her clients to live a happy and prosperous lifestyle.

Client testimonials on speak to Gail’s many successes as a Western School of Essential Feng Shui Certified Practitioner.

Gail is also a speaker, presenter and author of the eBook, Creating that Buying Feeling which you can download free on her website.

Peg Final-001 high resolution

Peg Donahue, Feng Shui Connections
Offering onsite and remote Residential and Business Consultations (Essential, Black Sect and Compass Feng Shui), Real Estate Sales and Purchase Support, Downsizing and Relocation Support, Floor Plan Analysis, Onsite and Map Dowsing for Geopathic Stress, Building Biology and Healthy Building Consultations, Four Pillar and Nine Star Ki Astrology Analysis, Emotional Freedom & Healing Acupressure Tapping Release Sessions, and I Ching consultations.

Serving New Hampshire, Greater Boston, New England, and the World.
(603) 537-9954

Peg’s work is about empowering YOU to live an authentic life in a healthy, supportive and nurturing environment. Her initial Feng Shui training began with WSFS in 2001, after a successful corporate career in Direct and Database Marketing. Expanding on this substantial foundation, Peg received additional Feng Shui certifications from the New England School of Feng Shui as well as Gill Hale’s Lo Pan (compass) program. She is also a certified Building Biology Consultant from IBE, FL, a certified Emotional Freedom & Healing Practitioner, and a graduate of The Way to Balance’s IDEAL (Intuitive Development) program. Skilled at getting to the heart of the matter and helping you to bring clarity and focus to your intentions and dreams, Peg connects you with the patterns of your inner and outer environments, and identifies the most effective ways you can gain momentum to move forward to achieve your goals. She is a Red Ribbon Member of the International Feng Shui Guild. Contact Peg today or visit her website to learn more.

Christine Frazer, Feng Shui Any Day
Serving Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas; Bend, OR and surrounding areas; also proficient in remote consultations
Offering Business & Residential Feng Shui Consultations & Home Staging

Phone: 541-241-8748

Amanda Gibby Peters

Amanda Gibby Peters, Simple Shui, MPC

Offering Long distance and international via phone + internet.
Residential + Space Clearing
(801) 209-9582

HELLO. I am Amanda. And putting the affairs of your house in order is my genius. I consult clients on everything from organization to intentional communication. I love to clean up edges and tighten down content. So. . .what’s simple shui? It is about the powerful conversation happening between our homes and lives. With a little feng shui and an open mind, I help clients create a groundswell of energy and delight that launches them into amazing possibilities. Think of simple shui as the sweet spot between your environment and the best life ever. When we excavate the simplicity of your space to its finest point, we create order + flow + love. Offer that to the world, and it comes back to you in the most delicious ways.

Chris GippleChristine Gipple
Business: Emerging Chi, LLC.
Service Area: On-site: South Jersey and surrounding areas.  Distance consults via phone and internet.
Offering: Feng Shui of home & office, Space Planning, Repurposing, Real estate staging, Professional Organizing; and Holistic Life Coaching.  Talks, workshops, and more.


Change starts with one different choice.  

Chris integrates Feng Shui, organizing, decluttering, wellness, intuition, spirituality and beautiful self-care – helping you to create spaces where you feel abundant, free, and unstoppable.  By examining beliefs, habits, patterns and personal clutter, Chris will help you uncover what’s standing between where you are now and where you want to be.   The difference between the two is what you do – choice by choice.  She’ll not only help you transform your space, but will do it from the inside-out allowing you to sustain the changes you’ve created.   For more info, visit her website at




Cathryn  Golden

Cathryn Golden, Balanced Environments
Serving National Availability
Offering Residential and Business Consultations (On-Site & Remote), Professional Organizing, Redesign, Staging, Energy Clearing, Presentations/Keynotes, Workshops, Gift Certificates
(858) 481-5191

As a nationally-known feng shui expert, author, and multi-media presenter, Cathryn specializes in “simple changes – incredible results™.” Her national client base includes a large variety of Women in Business. She works with her clients to restore environmental balance for their unique professional success and personal enrichment.



Kathy Goodenbour Mursch

Kathy Goodenbour Mursch, The Healing Pathway
Serving Everywhere in the world – no boundaries!
Offering Residential and Business Consultations
(512) 989-5753

As a Life Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner, Kathy’s passion is helping clients create an environment that fully supports them in living their ultimate life. Energy clearing, site blessings, consultations, keynote addresses, seminars, workshops and gift certificates are available. Kathy is also an Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. She has worked with clients across the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom and many other countries.The skills, gifts, insights, enthusiasm and generosity of spirit you bring to your classes and sessions are amazing. – Shari Pitts, Austin,TX.



Liv Kellgren
Liv Kellgren, Conscious Environments
Serving Everywhere in the world!
Offering Residential and Business Consultations, Interior ReDesign, Real Estate, Staging, Branding, Marketing, Environmental Coaching, Compass Feng Shui and 8 Mansions, licensed REALTOR®
(760) 579-9519

Conscious Environments combines Essential Feng Shui, Environmental Psychology and Interior ReDesign so that you can _____________. Yes! With Conscious Environments you can fill in the blank. What do you need – money? clients? focus? health? romance? What do you want – happiness? retirement? free time? passion? Email or call me for your complimentary assessment… Let’s see how you can get what you want AND what you need!

Ainslie KinrossAinslie B Kincross  PhD, LEED AP 
Available to Distance Clients via phone/Skype
Offering Feng Shui coaching for home and business, classrooms and schools; presentations and workshops; design consulting and visioning.

Ainslie B Kincross  PhD, LEED AP 
Ainslie Kincross is a feng shui practitioner and architect whose life-long love of Nature’s 
beauty has motivated and infused all of her work.  In addition to practicing architecture 
for more than 20 years in Colorado, New Hampshire and Wyoming, Ainslie has worked 
in natural history interpretation for The Nature Conservancy, United States Forest Service 
and National Park Service.  Discovering the ancient art of Feng Shui was the key to open 
the door between what had always been two separate disciplines in her Western 
education and practice.   
Her mission in life is to advocate for Beauty, in all of its forms.  To that end, it’s her 
highest reward to inspire others to create more beauty, harmony and peace in their homes, 
workplaces, businesses and schools.  As a teacher herself, Ainslie is especially interested 
in supporting classroom teachers through feng shui education and coaching, so that their 
work can have a ripple effect through their students out into the world.   She is a 
practiced and inspiring presenter available for hour-long to day-long trainings. 
Her formal education includes a B. Arch. from the University of Arizona,  a Master of 
Science in architecture from M.I.T. and a doctorate in geography from the University of 
Colorado-Boulder. After completing the WSFS Practitioner Training in 2001, Ainslie 
went on to study with William Spear and Karen Kingston. 

member_16217381Lori Lines, Intuit Feng Shui & Home Staging
Serving the Austin, Texas Metro Area and The World

Offering Residential, Business, Real Estate, Home Building Consultations. Specializing in reading energy through clairvoyance and clairsentience to increase abundance, prosperity and good fortune in all areas of existence. By appointment.

After many astounding spiritual experiences and prophecies throughout childhood and young adult years, Lori could no longer deny her sensitivities. Beginning in 1990, several spiritual and metaphysical teachers entered her life who have validated her abilities as well as taught her how to utilize them for the good of those she meets. Her esoteric career had begun.

Lori studied Interior Design, Art, Architecture, and Business. Although she loved the subjects and excelled in them, she was unable to find the depth and meaning she was looking for. Therefore, she made decisions that would alter her path. 



Joelle Pauley-Fine HeadshotJoelle Pauley-Fine
Offering home and business consultations throughout the U.S. via remote consultation


Vibrant Spaces Feng Shui

With 10 years of personal Feng Shui experience, Joelle loves empowering clients to treat their homes and offices as containers for joy and prosperity. Respecting each client’s unique needs and tastes, she coaches them and gives them the tools and processes for creating personal sanctuaries of abundance that support the manifestation of their best lives.

Muzna Shihabi Barthe
The Middle East and offering distance consultations worldwide
Services Offered: Offering onsite and long distance residential and business consultations

Muzna is a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and a member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She offers onsite consultations in the Middle East, as well as long distance consultations worldwide in English, French and Arabic. She will help you design your space for incredible immediate life results!

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