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Feng Shui & Guest Rooms

Feng Shui & Guest Rooms

Summer is the high season for traveling. Whether you‘re planning to be a guest or have guests, here are some Feng Shui tips to assure a “bon voyage.“

Guest Rooms

A guest room is a luxury that some homes are blessed with. When you have the space for a dedicated guest room, be sure to include it as an equal member of your household. Leave the door open, and appoint it so that it pleases your eye every time you see it. In Feng Shui, every square inch of your home is considered equally important, so please don‘t let your guest room become a chaotic storage area!

Give your guest room the same serene elements of comfort that your own bedroom has. Make plenty of room in the closet and drawers for your visitors‘ belongings. Provide a place for unpacking and storing a suitcase or two. Include the little comforts and conveniences you would like to be greeted with, such as warm robes and scented toiletries. Happy guests enhance the energy in your home. Give your guest room a personality that invites your visitors to relax and enjoy their stay.

A guest room is also one of the easiest rooms in the house to claim for other needs and interests. It can be redesigned to be a home office, exercise room, or sanctuary. Don‘t compromise your own work performance or personal needs all year long when you can claim a room that‘s used only occasionally for guests. And when it‘s arranged to serve another purpose, you can still incorporate a place for guests to sleep, such as a Murphy bed, day bed, Hide-a-Bed, or futon.

Inviting Success to Be Your Guest

Positive change can occur when you assess your special needs through Feng Shui eyes. In one case, a couple shared one home office. They both felt cramped in a space that offered no visual or auditory privacy, and they noticed that this was beginning to strain their relationship. Meanwhile, sitting silently across the hall was the guest room.

Until our Feng Shui appointment, it hadn‘t occurred to them to claim the guest room as a second office. Both of the couples‘ families came to visit from time to time, and they had assumed they needed to reserve a room exclusively for guests. However, their work needs now outweighed the luxury of keeping a dedicated guest room that remained vacant much of the time. They could see how the chronic congestion in one room could be eased by turning the guest room into a second office. They each picked a room, and spread out. For guests, they bought a futon for one office, and a large reading chair that converted into a single bed for the other.

They barely had their phones straightened out when their careers took off. They now had plenty of space to grow and develop their businesses, and it showed. More than a year later, they are experiencing more success and happiness than ever.

Terah Kathryn Collins is the author of six books on Feng Shui and the founder of the Western School of Feng Shui™ in San Diego, CA. For additional Feng Shui articles, more information about Essential Feng Shui®, or to attend a Feng Shui Training Program or other event, or please visit or call directly 760-633.3388.

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