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Essential Feng Shui Lifestyle Course

The Essential Feng Shui Lifestyle Course

Online Lectures + Group Coaching + Private Facebook Forum


“I don’t want to be a professional practitioner, but I’d still like the information. What’s the best Feng Shui course for me?”

This one! Terah Kathryn Collins, creator of the Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training, now offers you all of the practical information you need to bring the life-transforming benefits of Essential Feng Shui into your home and workplace. After you’ve completed watching all modules of the Lifestyle Course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion. The Lifestyle Course does not include practitioner-level final projects or a EFS Practitioner Certificate of Achievement. You are however eligible to upgrade to the Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training at any time.

The Essential Feng Shui Lifestyle Course offers you a whole world of helpful, practical tools and skills:


Buying a new home? Know what to look for and what to avoid! 

Moving? Arranging your furniture in a new space is so much easier with Essential Feng Shui.

Having a baby? Learn how to set up the nursery to enhance your baby’s health and happiness. 


This is what you get:

  • Over 50 hours of in-class video lectures with Terah and WSFS teachers, see below for the complete list of online class offerings 
  • Over 100 pages of handouts, charts, exercises, and instructions 
  • Real-time videos of Terah Kathryn Collins consulting with Essential Feng Shui clients 
  • Ongoing live support via bi-weekly coaching calls and private facebook forum for teachers and students 
  • Introspective exercises, hand-outs, warm-up projects, essential meditations, and more 
  • Advanced instruction on Space Clearing with the Five Elements 
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook group conversation with Essential Feng teachers and students 
  • Lifetime access to the growing Essential Feng Shui library of coaching and conference calls, both audio and video 
  • Everything you need to know how to live an Essential Feng Shui Lifestyle

Have a look at our syllabus:

  • The history and philosophy of Feng Shui, as well as the foundational underpinnings of Feng Shui that remain constant in all environments. The study of Ch’i (vital energy) and how it flows in our physical world.
  • Making sense of Feng Shui in the Western world. How to think and talk about Essential Feng Shui® with clarity and purpose.
  • Developing Inner Feng Shui.
  • Practitioner-level study of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements as they are expressed in home, office, and landscape environments. How to recognize, work with and balance Yin and Yang qualities, as well as the expressions of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water to transform any environment.
  • The proper use of basic and personalized Feng Shui tools. Practical application of Ch’i enhancing items that we  rely on to bring vital energy and balance into an environment.
  • The Bagua as an in-depth study of the I Ching applied to structure. Learn how to map the Bagua in any environment and to discern existing patterns that hinder or help Ch’i flow.
  • In-depth instruction and demonstrations on working with rooms in homes and workplaces, including foyers, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. Learn how to enhance Ch’i flow in all rooms in a structure, as well as how to work with the priorities of comfort and safety. Also, how to address the challenges of garages, storage areas, ceiling heights, staircases, lighting, windows, doors, corners and room usage.
  • Working with businesses. Incorporating Feng Shui in retail and business settings, from small shops to large office buildings.
  • Space Clearing with the Five Elements. Developing the tools and know-how to clear spaces of stagnant or negative energies.
  • Feng Shui in landscaping. Guiding peoples’ landscaping choices, as well as the placement of features such as water, trees, gardens, pathways, fencing, decks, patios, etc.
  • Feng Shui assessment of surrounding environmental features, including streets, other buildings, neighbors, land and property shapes, and general location.


Take a tour of our online classroom:


Essential Feng Shui Lifestyle online course


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 International students, please check exchange rates prior to registration!

“I might want to become an Essential Feng Shui Practitioner later. Do I have to decide now? – I want to be sure to learn it for myself first.”

You are always welcome to upgrade your training from Lifestyle to Practitioner status for the additional tuition of $1000. Our signature Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training is the most advanced Feng Shui training available in the USA, with extensive personal support, coaching, community, and opportunities awaiting you.

The Essential Feng Shui Lifestyle online class includes: 

Pre-Training Exercises

Essential Guidelines and Handouts

Invitation into our Essential Feng Shui private facebook forum

Terah’s Reflections Audio Recording

Coaching Call Schedule & Phone Number