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Feng Shui Radio – Yin and Yang

Terah dicusses Feng Shui and the concept of Yin and Yang within our environments. Our special guest is Western School of Feng Shui teacher, graduate, and practitioner Karen Carrasco.

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  1. WOW!  I just discovered this site after reading Three Sisters and I am hooked!  I, like Karen, am a 'retired'  career counselor who always gave my first assignment to my adult clients to go home and spend a weekend cleaning their closets first… I always planned to make that a title to a book but I got caught up in too much yang for two decades.. now I am in a yin, stay at home and regroup for a year.. who knows, I may meet you all at a  training..  meanwhile, I am very delighted to listen to your wisdom as I iron!   Thank you, ladies.  Claudia in Jacksonville, Florida