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Essential Feng Shui Successes| Case Studies | Before & After | Stories

This is a collection of Essential Feng Shui Successes: Case Studies | Before & After | Stories and more. They are ALL real-life situations submitted by our Enthusiasts, Students, Graduates, Practitioners and Alumni. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us and the entire Essential Feng Shui Community!

It is our hope that you will find gems of inspiration and refreshing insights for your own spaces here.

And if you have a great Essential Feng Shui Success Story, please email us at, and we’d be thrilled to share it with the entire Community.  Photos are welcome (we especially love before & after shots!)

Thank you!




Feng Shui & Narrative Space

by Laura Carillo, WSFS Graduate

I would like to share one of my personal experiences with Feng Shui. I had a long standing interest in Feng Shui; the art of placement and had been reading about it for years but couldn’t fathom how one could make a career out of it. I did play around with it and experiment with my environment using my home as a Feng Shui lab of sorts. For some reason, I have always had homes where my Prosperity gua was my bedroom and the Relationship gua would be in my living-room area and work space. For many years, I worked in some sort of outside sales with a home office. The home office was inevitably in my Relationship gua.

When I first moved to LA I hired a Feng Shui practitioner to help me Feng Shui a rather tricky space. My home was beautiful but it was an L shaped apartment with the Career gua completely missing as well as the Travel & Helpful People gua. The Bagua is like a map or grid of 9 different Guas or Life Stations in Feng Shui. The nine guas are all equally important. The idea is to have all of these areas balanced and well appointed. Having a missing Career gua poses obvious problems… Having a missing Travel & Helpful People gua is just as critical though. This is the gua of synchronicity and help from the divine as well as assistance from more mundane sources like the plumber or your doctor, etc. It’s also important if traveling is your thing…

Read More here: Narrative Space with Laura



Feng Shui Bagua for Love

By Nicole M., Essential Feng Shui Enthusiast

My boyfriend, step-children and I live together in a home we recently purchased.  We did some renovations but I always sensed there was something off.  It was kind of blah, and the amount of arguments and unhappiness in our home were growing rapidly. We’d never been the kind of people who fight all the time.  I did a study of the bagua map, but it didn’t dawn on me until a few weeks later that our love area was lying almost entirely outside the house! 


I went to work immediately to make changes with landscaping and screening outside.  It was the side of our house where things like electrical meters were located.  I even found a rusty razor blade on top of the utility box. We also stored our garbage cans there.  This was less than one week ago.  I cannot even express how entirely different the mood is almost immediately.  I relocated furniture in that part of the house as well to a marked difference.  It’s truly amazing.  Even my partner remarked how great it looks and feels now.  From utilitarian to bamboo and palm like the beaches of Hawaii that we love so much.



Feng Shui Intention for Money

from L. Cameron, Essential Feng Shui Enthusiast

Just for fun I thought I’d share with you that yesterday I did some Feng Shui with the intention of getting some more money.

So, last night we girls went to Bingo (first time for all of us). Last game, last number in the black out… I won $100.00. Yes, I am excitedly grateful, but I knew I was going to win and because I did, it freaks me out – in a wonderful way of course!!!!

Life is good my friend.



Feng Shui for Teen Boys Bedroom

by Kim C., Essential Feng Shui Enthusiast

I was visiting my girlfriend and family in Houston (years ago) after I moved to Atlanta. When I was looking at their new house I stumbled into her 14 year old son’s room. I flew out of there and asked the mom what was up with this disaster. She said “I  know. He won’t clean it up. I’ve tried.”

When her son came home, I knocked on his door. I stated the obvious, what a mess the room was. He wasn’t interested. I asked if I could talk to him for a few minutes, and he boringly agreed. I cleared a corner on his bed to sit and asked how things were going  for him: School – ok. Was he sleeping well – no, not really. What else was going on – Brett and his step-dad had been fighting a lot, his girlfriend was mad at him again. I asked if he would like these areas of his life to “fixed”. That got his attention as he gave a sincere “yes”. I told him I would help him. I told him how I had been reading about Feng Shui and how energy could improve his life with a few changes and a cleaner room.

The first thing I pointed out was he had two rifles hung over his bed. These needed to be moved, and that would probably help his sleep and fighting with his dad. No the guns had to stay in his room. I asked if he would be okay if we moved it across the room. Okay, done. Then I pointed out how all his dead plates of dried food, mold growing on them, and empty coke cans everywhere was not only not healthy for him, but they were in his relationship corner, and that would explain those fights with her girlfriend. I told him I would take the science projects to the kitchen if he would start cleaning up, so we could put a picture of him and his girlfriend on that side table, instead.

Back in the kitchen, I brought my friend, his mom, up to speed with what had just happened and she couldn’t believe it. She thought the rifles over is bed was not a good idea, but knew he was attached to them. Returning to his bedroom, I was surprised that he was energetically cleaning his room with determination — and a big smile. I took down the guns and asked him to help me rehang them in his help people and travel area, the only wall available. When he finished cleaning his room he called me over to inspect and arrange his relationship corner. We dusted, placed a nice picture of them together, and included an item he liked that was special to them.

Anyway, the week I was visiting, his dad invited him to go out together, much to our surprise. An outing instead of a fight! His girlfriend called him the second night I was there. He called me into his room and thanked me so much. He said he couldn’t believe his dad wasn’t picking fights with him, he and his girlfriend had a date, and he was sleeping soundly.

This was one of the most direct results I have ever seen with Feng Shui. And it was his energy, intent and awareness that made this happen.



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