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Free Feng Shui Materials

These are copyrighted materials. You are welcome to share them with the copyright information at the bottom of the page. Thank you for helping us sustain the Circle of Integrity!

Feng Shui Made Easy, by Terah Kathryn Collins

One of Terah’s first – and still one of the best – articles that makes understanding Feng Shui easy, simple and doable. A must for every Feng Shui Enthusiast.

The Bagua Map

Also known as the Feng Shui Grid and the Feng Shui Treasure Map, the Bagua can help you locate the areas in your home that correspond with your goals in life.

The Five Element Chart

Each of the Five Elements found in the natural world can enhance your environment, goals, character traits, and relationships with family members, friends and colleagues.

The 10 Ch’i Enhancements

Here is a list of the 10 basic Ch’i Enhancements that you can use in any environment.

Essential Feng Shui Decluttering Guidelines

Clearing clutter can transform your life. Learn a few simple steps for effective clutter clearing.

Lifestyle Balance Analysis

Take a few moments to score the following list to reveal the influences in your current lifestyle. If your weekdays are very different from your weekends, score it from a weekday perspective and then again from a weekend perspective to see how they compare. Make note of how your current lifestyle could be balanced or enhanced and make any necessary changes as soon as possible.

Room Balance Analysis

A home is balanced when it has the just-right combination of Yin “Quiet Zones” and Yang “Active Zones” that support a happy lifestyle. Typically, the Yin Quiet Zones are the Bedroom, Bathroom, Dining room, Sanctuary, and Storage areas, and the Yang Active Zones are the Home Office, Living room, Kitchen, Family or Great room, and Laundry room. Use this list to assess a room and determine its current balance. If you have equal amounts of a given feature, such as both small and large art, circle both. If there’s a category that doesn’t exist in a room, simply move to the next one. Take note of the overall balance of your living space, and make the necessary changes as soon as possible.