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Home Sweet Sacred Home

Home Sweet Sacred Home

I have spent the past 2 weeks in Northern California in WSFS teacher Karen Abler Carrasco’s home – a place I’ve visited before and have always loved. Karen lives in a wonderful vintage farmhouse she calls Rosie, who is like a “big mother hen protecting her chicks” (Karen’s son David’s description). Rosie is painted a soft buttery yellow with lovely red doors and lots of windows. Her garden is a series of outdoor rooms, offering shady and sunny places to enjoy the many flowers, vegetables, and trees Karen has planted, as well as the pond she and David built together. It is truly a Home Sweet Home. 

What exactly makes a home sweet? Here, I see the beauty Karen has sown into every inch of this place – the care and feeding of both house and garden is strikingly evident. The loving connection Karen and David have with Rosie and her verdant garden is obvious. They have connected heart to heart with this place, and in so doing, have made it a sacred space. I’ve come to realize that what makes a space sweet is our loving connection with it. When we love it, it becomes sacred.

Any place can be sacred. All it takes is tender loving care. I remember a student in our Practitioner Training who placed affirmational cards on the tables, walls, refrigerator and bathroom mirror of her tiny inner-city apartment to remind herself that she was living in her own self-created sacred space.This act of lovingly connecting with her home shifted her from seeing it as “just a crappy place to live for now” to “my home sweet home.” Even though it was far from perfect, she was able to love and cherish it as her sacred haven.

This shift in perception helps us see that all spaces are potentially sacred. When we give the back alley, garage, basement, or local park our tender loving attention, we are saying, “I love you and wish to help you to be the best and most beautiful you can be.” We shine our light into places that have become dark, cluttered, and unloved. We do our part in creating heavenly places that inspire and uplift us and those we share the space with.

I invite you to share with me the spaces you have made sacred with your tender loving care. Send me photos that I can share with our Essential Feng Shui community to keep the conversation and inspiration going. Though it manifests in myriad forms, indoors and out, you know it’s sacred space when love lives there.


  1. I was singing while reading this post inside my head. Right on. Thank you for such a sweet reminder of “the beauty is what we create it to be.” The comparison stories of “a crappy space right now” to “home sweet home” are the identical color of green because of the Value in sacredness of it all. thanks Tereah! RC

  2. Thanks for sharing, Terah. And thanks for Karen for creating such a haven. You can really see the love, care, and intention given to make Rosie the safe and inviting place she has become. And thank you for the reminder– My basement space needs a little love and caring right now… I will now show it how I feel, “I love you and wish to help you to be the best and most beautiful you can be.” 🙂

  3. What a beautiful post, Terah! Seeing the picture posted of you and Karen brought back the wonderful feelings I had of community and support during my Practitioner Training course with the two of you a few years ago. You are right – anywhere you place the intention of loving connection, it is a sacred space!

  4. Beautiful Newsletter; love Karen, David & Rosie. Grace is inspiring as are you dearest Terah! My Sacred Space is my car named Sophie. For tge past 5 months, I have been Gypsy Rose of Sharyn while headquartering at my Tai Chi’s teacher’s guest cottage. My tagline: “Traveling in grace where sometimes Gracie holds my hand, sometimes my heart.”. I love experiencing life from so many vantages; from all perspectives happiness surrounds me. My Wise & Merry Widow role is now deeply familiar as it endears me into BEing keenly present.

  5. Karen’s loving earth mother loving nurturing of her home and garden are inspiring. She truly works magic with flowers. Thank you for sharing the pictures and commentary.
    Namaste, B. J.