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I Ching #50 – The Ting

A note from Terah:

The I Ching provides me with daily guidance, inspiration, and insights into maintaining my connection with Nature and the Cosmos. Here is a quote that I find particularly insightful from The I Ching written by Carol Anthony & Hanna Moog:

From Hexagram #50 – The Ting

“Cosmic Truth has no resemblance to the sharp and threatening nature of the abstract ideas put forward by the collective ego as “the truth.” The clarity of Cosmic Truth is self-evident, harmonious, and resonant with our true natures, whereas ideas held up by the collective ego as truths present themselves as puzzles in poetic dress that appeal to the intellect without touching the heart… They also pretend to answer things once and for all, while Cosmic Truth leaves space for the evolution of awareness.”

I am struck by the phrase “without touching the heart” and am discovering that my true nature is fluent in the language of the heart. May we always relate and speak to each other, heart to heart!