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The Inner Circle Lounge: Complimentary Resources


Essential Feng Shui® has been my passion for over 20 years, and I learn something new each day. Every space and person I see is truly unique. Because we are all gloriously one-of-a-kind human beings, we naturally respond best to fluid guidelines rather than rigid rules. No one likes a forced march, nor generic fix-its. You have your own needs, preferences, and desires and they change as you do! When you open your Feng Shui eyes and discover how you can arrange your personal surroundings to support and enhance your life – you thrive! 

Here’s to sharing the dance with you!

Essential Feng Shui Membership


These complimentary resources are yours to enjoy!


Access our Essential Feng Shui Basics Course!

Six Audio or Video Sessions hosted by Terah Kathryn Collins provide you with all the information you need to apply Essential Feng Shui® to your own home:

Introduction to Essential Feng Shui® Audio Program

Essential Feng Shui® Basics Virtual Tour Video Program

Yin and Yang as Romantic Partners: An Essential Lecture and Meditation Audio Program

Essential Feng Shui® Ch’i Enhancements Audio Program

The Five Elements Audio Program

Review and More – “The Essential Feng Shui® Walk” Audio Program

Click here to access the course!

Listen to Terah’s interview with Katie Titi in her Create a Space for Love series!



Listen to Terah’s interview with Carolyn Cooper from the Holistic Career Summit!


 Enjoy Terah’s two-part audio series “Reflections on Feng Shui”

Reflections on Feng Shui Part One:

Reflections on Feng Shui Part Two:

Enjoy these handouts from our Tao Of Lifestyle Course:

The Golden Triangle 


•Enjoy reading Terah’s book The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance!

Click the pdf link below.

The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance


















Enjoy these amazing webinars!


Essential Feng Shui® To Go




Essentialize! Spring Cleaning and Decluttering



Essential Feng Shui® for Fame and Reputation



Essential Feng Shui® for the Bedroom




Essential Feng Shui® for Health




Essential Feng Shui® for Prosperity


Essential Feng Shui for Children and Creativity


EFS for Love & Marriage


Essentialize with Essential Feng Shui