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Inner Feng Shui – the Sanctuary Within

Inner Feng Shui – the Sanctuary Within

When was the last time you happily sat beneath fluorescent lights or on a cold metal chair? Feng Shui, the study of how to create human-friendly environments, observes that our surroundings are constantly making an impact on us. When you’re open and sensitive to energy, you are often the first to wilt in an unpleasant place. Your energetic sensitivity emphasizes the importance of knowing how to maintain your balance, especially in an environment that could cause you stress. When you cannot change your outer surroundings and there is nothing you can do about the discomfort of your body, it’s vital to have an inner sanctuary that holds your balance in place A sanctuary, whether it exists within or without, has an archetypically pleasing and inspiring atmosphere. While a sanctuary in your home may be constrained by budget, square footage, or the design preferences of others, a sanctuary within has no such constraints. In fact, you can truly have it be exactly the way you wish! To build your inner sanctuary, begin by visualizing a place composed entirely of the colors, images, aromas, sounds, and textures that you love. You are the creator here. What would you include in your sanctuary that peeks your senses, nurtures your heart, and honors your connection with spirit? You may wish to include a place where you could meet with your inner helpers and guides. Take time to construct a space with all its details, knowing that you can change it whenever you wish! One of my most favorite qualities in the world is iridescence. I associate it with the ethereal beauty that glimmers in hummingbirds and butterfly wings. In the physical world, such iridescent materials are often expensive or impractical, but in my inner sanctuary I have it everywhere. I envision an outdoor pavilion with spectacular iridescent silk couches and pillows in every jewel-tone. There is a light jasmine-scented breeze that is animated with birds, butterflies, and nature spirits. Cheetahs (my totem friends) lounge peacefully, while my inner guides infuse the space with love and wisdom. Crystals catch the sun and throw rainbows across every surface. Low, round, intricately carved tables hold fruit in hand-hewn bowls, and a vibrant abundance of flowering plants adorn the space. Colorful tropical gardens surround the pavilion while a waterfall pours its music into a natural swimming pool… As I breathe life into my inner sanctuary, it takes on a life of its own and breathes life into me. This “make-believe” place soothes my heart and restores my connection with the unseen levels of life, especially when outer circumstances are challenging. For instance, during a recent trip I shared several uncomfortable hours with others waiting in a crowded terminal for airplane repairs. While many people paced and complained, I “hung out” in my inner sanctuary, feeling the presence of my guides and absorbing all the inner beauty I was surrounded with. When I arrived home, I realized I felt completely different than I usually do after travel delays. Instead of being drained to the marrow, I felt grateful and blessed. My inner sanctuary had provided me with an oasis when my outer environment wasn’t able to do so. My sensitivity to my surroundings had been assuaged in the only way possible during that time – from within. To read all of Terah’s Articles, please visit

Terah Kathryn Collins is a best-selling author and the founder of the Western School of Feng Shui®. She is also the originator of Essential Feng Shui®, which focuses on the many valuable applications Feng Shui has in our Western culture while honoring the essence of its Eastern heritage. Her 6 inspirational books on the subject have sold over a million copies worldwide. Terah’s latest book, Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance is now available.


  1. AAhhhh! I feel better just reading Terah’s description of her inner paradise creation.. What a wonderful way to harmonize your personal Chi anytime, any place. Thanks, Terah!
    Peace, Sally

  2. Hi Terah,

    I loved your article on the inner sanctuary! Yes, we can go anywhere we want in our minds. If kids can have imaginary friends, why can’t adults have imaginary places? I’ve had my own special place for a few years. It’s a little Tudor style cottage on the cliffs on the Oregon coast. A mother-like figure is waiting for me there, and there is always the smell of soup cooking in the kitchen. My little room has a fluffy comforter and lots of ruffled pillows, and I can hear the ocean from my leaded glass window.

    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Brian,

  3. Terah, your “inner sanctuary” was a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful place to visit! Thank you for letting me visit! Hugs & Blessings

  4. The concept of building your inner sanctuary is a new and incredible concept for me. I am one of those people who are very sensitive to the energy around me and work very hard to create the best environment for myself and others. This concept frees my mind and allows space to create without the pressure of already having that perfect setting.

  5. What a beautiful, centering article you wrote Miss Terah! After one of the most stressful years I’ve experienced, I was almost forced to create a sanctuary within. The rewards have been amazing! With my beloved Dad having passed on just recently, I have been able to sit with him in my fabulous sanctuary and feel his love wash over me. It has given me strength and a feeling of grounded support that has spilled over into all aspects of my creative life. Having this sanctuary not only helps me survive in these turbulent times, but thrive and create a new beginning each and every day. Many Blessings to you!

  6. Terah , This is so lovely! Inspiring and beautifully written. I consider it the best kind of gift for the holidays. ~Abby~


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