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The Inner Circle

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circle in the squareDear Ones,

Essential Feng Shui® has been my passion for over 20 years, and I learn something new each day. Every space and person I meet is truly unique. Because we are all gloriously one-of-a-kind human beings, we naturally respond best to fluid guidelines rather than rigid rules. No one likes a forced march. You have your own needs, preferences, and desires and they change as you do! When you open your Feng Shui eyes and see how you can arrange your personal surroundings to support and enhance your life – you thrive. 
The trick is to learn how to clearly see and successfully orchestrate your own environmental dance. This is what I love to do. As an Essential Feng Shui Inner Circle member, you’ll receive weekly infusions of tips, talks, and helpful guidance from me that will open your Feng Shui eyes and ignite your creative spirit. Then, you can swing your surroundings into harmony, moment by  moment, in your own unique and wonderful Way!
Here’s to sharing the dance with you,
Essential Feng Shui Membership
Terah Kathryn Collins, Originator of Essential Feng Shui® 
& Founder of the Western School of Feng Shui®


Essential Feng Shui Made Easy

The popularity of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, is always increasing in the West as people discover the advantageous changes it can make in their lives.

As the originator of Essential Feng Shui®, I focus on the practical benefits Feng Shui can bring into our Western environments and help you make the changes in your home that can improve your health, happiness and prosperity, as well as increase productivity and harmony in your workplace.


Essential Feng Shui® is founded on three basic principles:

First, all things in our physical world are filled with living energy called Ch’i. This includes things we may not already consider animate, such as buildings, furniture, machinery and land. Through my Essential Feng Shui® eyes, I view your home and workplace as living “beings” whose aliveness either supports or undermines your success, health and happiness.

Second, all things are interconnected by Ch’i. We share a relationship, be it distant or close, with everybody and everything in the physical world. This gives a whole new slant on how we relate to things such as our personal possessions, our neighbors, and our communities. Essential Feng Shui® maintains that the quality of our relationships with all people, places and things can enhance or hinder our health and happiness.

Third, the Ch’i in all things is constantly changing. We witness change every day in our bodies, hearts, minds, relationships, and seasons. Essential Feng Shui® suggests that we use the dynamic ever-changing quality of Ch’i to our advantage. We do this by allowing the arrangement and décor of our homes and offices to change with us, reflecting and supporting who we are now rather than who we used to be.

These EFS principles view the world as completely alive, interconnected and in motion. When we align our everyday life with these principles, we can create the most satisfying and harmonious living and working conditions. Whether you want to relax in the comfort, safety, and beauty of your home, or work in an invigorating and empowering office, Essential Feng Shui® can help you arrange your environments to ideally serve your unique needs and hold your multi-faceted happiness in place.


How do you do this? Take an EFS Survey of your home or workplace, using the three guidelines listed below.

  1. Take stock of the comfort, safety, and beauty that surrounds you.

    In Essential Feng Shui®, comfort, safety, and beauty are considered equally important. Sit in an uncomfortable chair briefly and you’ll recover. Sit in an uncomfortable chair every day for a while and your entire life can be affected. The discomfort you repeatedly feel in the chair can compromise your vitality, your capacity to be creative, your relationships, and literally every facet of your life.

    Whenever possible, claim the “power position” in a room, which is wherever you can see the door or entry. This is especially important when placing your desk or bed, since you spend a lot of time there. When you face away from the door, your nervous system is on constant alert because you can’t see what or who is behind you. This constant low-level discomfort is what we do our best to correct in EFS. As in the case of the uncomfortable chair, continual discomfort can cause problems that ripple out into every aspect of your life.

    One of the often-used corrections for being in a “powerless position” is to place a mirror to capture the view for you. Click here for more information on mirrors.

    Check for unsafe features in your environment such as sharp corners and metal legs on furniture, pointed objects, crowded thresholds, and heavy objects overhead. These are just a few of the potential hazards that can be dangerous in your environment. Ideally there is no furniture of décor items in your environment that can hurt you.

    Beauty is in the eye of the holder, and EFS celebrates the personal touch. The goal is to express your unique sense of beauty, design-style, and color preferences, so that you are nurtured and uplifted by every room in your home.

    When you honor safety, comfort, and beauty as equals and take them all into consideration, your environment is filled with the warm welcoming Ch’i that supports every aspect of your life.

  1. Love what you live with, and live with what you love.

    Take a detailed look around your home or office. How many things do you really love? Are there items that hold bad memories? Things you don’t like or are just taking up space? In Essential Feng Shui®, everything in your environment is seen as alive and “talking” to you every day. Listen to your inner responses – feelings, memories, associations – as you look around. Optimally, everything that surrounds you has nice things to say to you and your art, furnishings, and décor make your heart sing.

  2. Express yourself.

    Enhance your home and office with Ch’i building blocks of your own making. Your creative additions to your environment express your vitality and invigorate the Ch’i circulating around you. Arrange flowers, add bright splashes of color and seasonal touches, make your own artwork, and move the furniture around to express who you are now. Make whatever changes are appropriate to express the new you.

With Essential Feng Shui®, you can create your own personal paradise, where comfort, safety, and beauty surround you, cherished possessions abound, and change flows freely in support of your ever-evolving self-expression, creativity, and happiness.




What is Essential Feng Shui?

When asked to define Essential Feng Shui®, I often begin by saying that it is “the study of how to arrange your environment to enhance your life.” But the most accurate definition of Feng Shui isn’t in a line. It’s in a circle that is constantly turning, each rotation building upon the one before it to achieve your own personal version of happy healthy harmony.

Feng Shui, translated as “Wind and Water,” observes the relationship between the seen and unseen forces of nature. Like wind and water, you and your environment are two forces of nature. Your desires, goals, talents, attitudes, memories, and feelings represent the unseen world, while your home is your seen environment. Each constantly interacts and influences each other. And as with wind and water, when you and your home blend harmoniously, your life is replete with fair weather conditions such as abundant resources, loving relations, and a steady stream of opportunities. In such harmonious circumstances, your health, prosperity, and happiness thrive.

It’s Time to Thrive!

Terah Kathryn  Collins