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Dr. kac young

kac young


Feng Shui The Easy Way, Kac Young

Feng Shui The Easy Way

The practice of Feng Shui is ancient and effective. But unraveling its wisdom can be both confusing and frustrating to a 21st century mind. This book cuts through the mystery and superstition to provide sound guidance, direction and simple shortcuts to proven Feng Shui principles and practices that can create immediate results in your environment and your life.

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21 Days to the Love of Your Life21 Days to the Love of Your Life

21 Days to the Love of Your Life is both an entertaining romp through the mine fields of internet dating and frog kissing, and a proven plan and process for attracting and keeping The Love of Your Life. While working full time in television production, the author was also looking for love and romance to balance her life. Sometimes she was successful, other times not. Her stories are humorous, engaging, and very revealing of a modern woman’s search for love. Along the way she discovered a process for cutting through the illusions and confusion and really finding The Love of Your Life.

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Gold MineGold Mind

Open your mind: create your wealth.Gold Mind is an entertaining how-to for anyone who wants to increase personal wealth. It doesn’t matter whether you have inherited millions, are looking to add meaning to your financial life,k or if you are down to your last dime and trying to figure out what to do next. This book shows the steps for successfully prospecting your personal treasure.

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Heart Easy, The Food Lover’s Guide to Heart Healthy Eating

Heart Easy™ shows you how to create your family’s favorite recipes in a way that is yummier than ever and heart-healthy too. Your food doesn’t need to taste like cardboard to be heart- healthy and you don’t need to eat like a rabbit…. Let me show you how. There are over 22 pages of life-saving nutritional information in the front of the book that will motivate you to become a heart-healthy eater and cook.

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