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Kelly Talbot

Kelly Talbot

FabulousnessYour Official Guide to Fabulousness: Feng Shui Secrets

Want more riches? To be recognized for what you do? Wishing for love & romance?  To find bigger, better ways to unleash your creativity?

Feng Shui is the ancient practice of organizing your stuff and surroundings to maximize ALL the good things in your life. A mix of magical and practical solutions, this how-to book reveals Feng Shui tips and secrets to help you get more of what you want. Find more fabulousness!

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Feng Shui DiariesFeng Shui Diaries: Volume 1: Ruby

Everyone’s unique. But there might be some Ruby in all of us. Ruby’s a fictional girl with a new job, a wild card BFF, and a boyfriend (who’s a wee bit on the #stalker side). She has some universal issues, and luckily, she writes them down in a diary.

After each of Ruby’s diary entries, you’ll read creative ideas and suggestions. Some are practical, some are magical, and all have a little Feng Shui wisdom – thanks to the 9inspired characters – mixed in.

So go ahead, read Ruby’s diary. (FYI – normally we wouldn’t encourage you to read someone’s private thoughts and secret challenges. But this is a different story.) And who knows? They could even help YOU find more fabulousness in your very own life.

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