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Liv Kellgren

Liv Kellgren Rock StarLiv is a Warrior for Transformation (#63). She’s a writer and an artist, living in Southern California with her husband (#38) and two youngest children. In her playtime (#8), she dehydrates vegetables, bakes grain-free goodies (#23), does interpretive dance (#14), and shops at local thrift stores (#34).



The Cosmic Playbook Inner Truth cover image

The Cosmic Playbook: Inner Truth

by Liv Kellgren and Friends

The word “education” comes from the Latin word “educere,” which means to lead/draw/take out—not stuff in.

The Cosmic Playbook: Inner Truth is a collection of 64 processes, exercises, and experiments that will draw out your Inner Truth, reminding you of the Truth you were born with. 

Ultimately, this Truth is all you need.

Before you dive into any other personal-growth or self-help book! Workshop! Class! Seminar! you must clear away those old thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and fears that interfere with Transformation.

And this is the Way to do it.

The Cosmic Playbook: Inner Truth is your ultimate reference guide for now, and for always.

Get it!

To learn more about Liv and the Cosmic Playbook, visit