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Master Bedrooms

Master Bedrooms

A couple’s master bedroom is often an accurate reflection of their relationship. Many couples don’t realize that their bedroom can strengthen and nourish, or dampen and weaken, their marital happiness. The more active and “crazy” the lifestyle, the more crucial it is to design a bedroom sanctuary that encourages rest and rejuvenation, and maintains the intimate connection that holds happiness in place.

Encouraging Rest: The same mirrors that brighten and enhance a bedroom during the day can interfere with a good night’s sleep. The bigger the mirror is and the closer it is to the bed, the more it can cause restlessness and insomnia. Because it’s often impractical to remove large mirrors such as those on closet doors, they can be curtained like windows. This allows the full use of the mirror by day, while providing a more peaceful atmosphere at night.

Encouraging Relaxation: Large bedrooms become more cozy and appealing when smaller intimate areas are defined within the suite. This may include a richly appointed bed in one area and a private nook for reading and conversation in another. Let relaxation reign by locating “activity magnets” such as computers and exercise equipment elsewhere in the house.

Encouraging Privacy: Private times without children or telephones may seem difficult to claim in a busy lifestyle, but it’s one of the necessities of maintaining happiness in a marriage. Make your bedroom your sanctuary for rest, rejuvenation, and romance by turning off the phone and locating photos of children, parents, and friends away from the bed.

Encouraging Equality:  The presence of nightstands, and the space allotted on each side of the bed, symbolizes equality in a relationship. When space is limited, scale the bedside furniture down to serve both partners equally.

Encouraging Positive Points of View: The view from the bed symbolizes the unity and loving connection-or lack thereof-of a couple. Couples who share the same beautiful view from the bed also tend to share the same positive viewpoints in life. When bathrooms and closets are the primary view from the bed, pull the curtain or close the door, and highlight a favorite painting or other “beauty marks” that both partners enjoy seeing from the bed.

Encouraging Sensuality:  Let the master bedroom glow with sensual art, delicious colors, soft fabrics, and favorite fragrances. Wrap the bedroom in warm creamy skin tones and the more pigmented rich colors like mocha, cabernet, aubergine, and golden bronze. Use pure white, black, gray, and blue only as accent colors.

Encouraging Peace and Calm: Locate the television behind closed doors in the master bedroom. Better yet, move it to another room. Televisions often consume the precious time couples have for conversation and intimacy.

 Terah Kathryn Collins is the author of six books on Feng Shui and the founder of the Western School of Feng Shui™ in San Diego, CA. For additional Feng Shui articles, more information about Essential Feng Shui®, or to attend a Feng Shui Training Program or event, or please visit or call directly 760-633-3388.