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The Western School of Feng Shui Mission

Our purpose is to educate people who are called to facilitate deep, positive changes with Essential Feng Shui®. 

The Western School of Feng Shui provides a comprehensive and globally accessible curriculum where people can learn the many practical skills of Essential Feng Shui®, personally experience the benefits, and apply them to homes, workplaces, and landscapes anywhere around the world.

By educating our students and supporting our alumni, WSFS participates in the ‘ripple effect,’ enhancing the lives of many, who will in turn, enhance the lives of many more.

What is Essential Feng Shui?

WSFS embraces Essential Feng Shui®, developed by Terah Kathryn Collins. It fully honors the Eastern heritage of Form School Feng Shui, while focusing on its practical applications in our Western culture. It is extremely interactive and highly effective in transforming the specific challenges and individual concerns encountered in Western culture.