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Essential Feng Shui Consultants in New Jersey

Laurie BornsteinName: Laurie Bornstein
Business: Harmony Life Design, LLC
Service Area: Northern New Jersey, New York and clients nationwide
Offering: Residential and Business Consultations
Phone: (201) 541-5744

Laurie Bornstein is the inspiration behind Harmony Life Design®, LLC., and Lifestyle Feng Shui™. With over 15 years of experience, Laurie combines her unique blend of knowledge, training and skills from holistic design, the principles of Feng Shui and the power of life coaching into all her services – empowering you to find inspiration in your surroundings and success within yourself.Laurie is an active member in the International Feng Shui Guild where she serves as the CEO, working to support practitioners and schools within the Feng Shui community. In addition to her work in the greater Feng Shui community, Laurie is a nationally recognized Feng Shui practitioner, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®, past mentor for the Western School of Feng Shui and she has a thriving Lifestyle Feng Shui design and consulting practice based in Northern New Jersey. Laurie is available for Feng Shui practitioner training, Feng Shui design, consultations, lectures and workshops nationwide. Comfort, balance, style and inspiration are just a click away.  



Chris GippleChristine Gipple
Business: Emerging Chi, LLC.
Service Area: On-site: South Jersey and surrounding areas.  Distance consults via phone and internet.
Offering: Feng Shui of home & office, Space Planning, Repurposing, Real estate staging, Professional Organizing; and Holistic Life Coaching.  Talks, workshops, and more.


Change starts with one different choice.  

Chris integrates Feng Shui, organizing, decluttering, wellness, intuition, spirituality and beautiful self-care – helping you to create spaces where you feel abundant, free, and unstoppable.  By examining beliefs, habits, patterns and personal clutter, Chris will help you uncover what’s standing between where you are now and where you want to be.   The difference between the two is what you do – choice by choice.  She’ll not only help you transform your space, but will do it from the inside-out allowing you to sustain the changes you’ve created.   For more info, visit her website at




Name: Judi Trammell
Business: Judith Meryl
Offering: Residential and Business Consultation
Phone: (908) 309-7539

Judi Trammell is a Feng Shui practitioner and a principal partner in Judith Meryl, a jewelry design company whose designs are inspired by her knowledge of Feng Shui.Judi uses her experience with interior design, display and photo styling to assist clients in welcoming chi into their homes and businesses. Her creative use of color and her ability to observe the energy of a space can be seen in the New Jersey/New York area. This knowledge has also led her to embrace the idea that Feng Shui is a portable concept. With her jewelry line, the spirit of your intentions can always be with you.  



Joanne Wazny, PhD

Name: Joanne Wazny, PhD
Business: Inner Dynamics
Service Area: South Jersey
Offering: Residential and Business Consultations, Land and Home Blessings, Real Estate Sales
Phone: (856) 672-9460
Websites: &

Joanne Wazny, PhD combines her background in Psychology, Metaphysics, and Feng Shui to bring a unique perspective to creating comfortable, uncluttered, and healthy homes. She will guide you in making your home a personal paradise that will nourish and support you with reverence, peace, gratitude, and safety. In addition to offering lectures and consulting in Feng Shui, Joanne is a Holistic Personal, Professional, and Relationship Coach and Counselor. She received the Innovative Therapy Award for 2004 from the International Association of Counselors and Therapists in recognition of the Programs she created with Feng Shui and Health  

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