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Peg Donahue



DormRoomFengShuiDorm Room Feng Shui:
Find Your Gua, Free Your Chi 

Are you broke? Fighting with a roommate? Looking for love, better grades, a bigger social life, or more fun? Dorm Room Feng Shui presents quick, inexpensive, and innovative feng shui fixes to cure your troubles and improve every area of your life. A quick quiz helps you zero in on the issues that need attention, from friendships and love to career choices and health, and then tells you which areas of the room to focus on to make improvements. You might put a small plant in one corner of your room to increase prosperity, or a pink seashell in another corner to attract true love. When you’re done, you’ll have an inviting room that supports and                                                                            encourages the life changes you want to make.

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