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Sacred Tears for the Gulf

I know we have all been deeply affected by the terrible oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  My friends and I speak each day of how to respond in any kind of powerful way. Typical ideas range from boycotting BP gasoline, to completely halting all usage of gasoline powered vehicles and all plastics. Writing letters to Congress, marching on Washington, going to the shores to aid in sea animal rescue….tried and true responses, but somehow I was not feeling drawn to any of these actions. Contemplating the magnitude of human error and the devastating consequences for the environment had frozen my ability to find my own true response.

I have spent some days sinking ever deeper into my Self, seeking some profound wisdom that might apply.  Diving into the dark mystery held in the deep Lake of the True Self, I swam.  I found no pearl of wisdom, but then….I started noticing the very medium in which I floated….

Water:  It Dissolves / Solves things. It is a Solution!

We are primarily composed of Water. All animate things are. There is a sacred mystery held within this fact.  Science has proven that water holds projected thought as a memory in its crystalline structure–the more loving the thought projected into it, the more pristine and elegant water’s crystalline structure becomes.  Therefore, when we all strive to hold the most loving thoughts within our hearts and minds, the crystalline structure of the water in our bodies will shift to its most clear and highly vibrating state.

When we all hold loving crystalline Water in our bodies, as much as is possible in any given moment, we will be as One Loving Being.  Like a watery tuning fork, we will all vibrate with the same tone. What a sacred wavelength that will be!  How connected we will feel, and it will be a connection in Love.  Let’s imagine what that will feel like…how we will be able to relax into complete trust and honesty with everyone we meet.  Each loving thought will be as a sacred pebble of truth offered to the one great lake of us all, and its ripples will encourage each swimmer to love, love, love.  Love and Breathe…draw it in, and send it out.

And the Waters of the Earth will purify within this sacred wavelength pulsing from every body.  The toxic substances, vibrating at such a lower wavelength, will coalesce and be gathered up for cleansing processing to occur.

I have found my most profound response–from deep within my own waters I will hold the crystal-clear vibration of Love for all things.  I will see crystal clear waters flowing across the Earth, and tears of grief turning into tears of joy and thanksgiving, flowing from every body to join in the great rivers flowing to the great seas.

I know it may be challenging to believe in the possibility for real physical transformation held in this vision. As a planetary species, we aren’t looking so well stocked up on love right now….but every single person I know in my smaller world has an immense capacity for forgiveness and love, right NOW! and you,…what is your own True Self’s response to this?

I invite you to tune in, deeply, to the vibration of your internal Water for a solution. View it as the carrier of Love energy, the transmitter of pure vibrational clarity. And join in the sacred flow….Love and Breathe…in and out.  Love and Breathe…in and out. Love and Breathe…In and Out…

—Karen Abler-Carrasco