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Space Clearing and the Green Bathroom

Even when Space Clearing was brand-new in my world, I found it simple to do. Perhaps its simplicity belies its effectiveness and power…

I first learned how to “clear a space” many years ago as one of Karen Abler Carrasco’s students. I was excited to try it out and within a week I had a chance to do so in my friend Katie’s new condominium. She was a first-time home buyer and SO excited to finally settle in. Although she didn’t know much about energy work, she was a fan of Essential Feng Shui and trusted me completely. Yay!

She gave me a tour of her condo. I noticed it was squished in next to other units stacked 6 stories high. It was obvious everyone was living in close quarters. However, the energy felt fine; nothing out of the ordinary. She wanted to “cleanse out of the previous tenants” so that she could fully permeate all the corners and every atom!

I asked her what she most wanted from her space clearing. She said, “Oh, I don’t know. Just that this space is all mine!” She paused. “But what I wouldn’t give to re-do this 2nd bath. I’m not sure what they were thinking, but I don’t have any other funds right now to even repaint what they’ve done – Guess I’ll have to live with it for a while.” She was going to have to live with a hand-painted, flat, mint green bathroom. It even looked like they had painted the dirt right into the cracks – not only on the walls but the counter tops and even the back of the toilet. The rest of the condo was very normal… “What were they thinking?” indeed!

Compassionately and sincerely, I offered my condolences. And then we got started.

It was a lovely process for both of us, took about an hour and a half. Afterward, she said that she had never felt more at home anywhere in the world than in her condo that evening. Grateful and relaxed, we promised to talk in the next few days.

48 hours later she called me, exasperated. “Oh my GOODNESS!” I’ve been on the phone all morning with the homeowners insurance, property management, the insurance agent just left! I’m freaking out – what did you do?!?!”

Fearing the worst, “What happened? Are you ok??”

“I woke up this morning to water all throughout my hallway and it took me like an hour to find that it’s flooded the entire bathroom! The upstairs neighbors’ pipe broke and the bathroom is ruined!”

“Oh no. Which bathroom?”

“The green one. It’s ruined!”

“The green one you didn’t like?”

“Ah. Yeah.” She paused. I could hear her catching her breath. Then she giggled. “Ah. The insurance agent says it’s totally covered and I’ll get a check within 10 days. So I can re-do it however I want!” At this point she was laughing aloud!

Neither of us could have imagined what would happen once the space was cleared. Not only was she pleased and delighted with the immediate results – they were enough! – but now she also has a new bathroom, the spa-like retreat that she always wanted!

– Liv Kellgren, Essential Feng Shui Practitioner and Space Clearing Graduate


  1. Acceptance allows openings to transformation!!! Way to go Liv! 🙂

  2. Water so often represents the healing invisible spiritual realms that flow into a space to transform it. I have had similar experiences with water flows after a space clearing ceremony, and always greater safety, harmony and beauty result for all who live there.