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Space Clearing is Helpful Everywhere

A Space Clearing can be helpful wherever you are. For instance, you may feel previous occupants’ energies when you stay in a hotel room. While some hotel rooms feel “clean enough,” others can feel quite heavy with energetic residue and stagnancy. At times the accumulated energy can make it difficult to relax or sleep in the room.

Rebecca recently experienced this when she checked into the hotel for the Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training. At first, she was pleasantly surprised to see her room included a sitting area with a large screen TV. As she started to settle in, however, her initial response began to change. The space felt disjointed. A well-worn couch was the only piece of furniture in the sitting area, making it feel “lost in space.” The pony-wall that defined the bedroom area blocked easy passage to the bathroom and the walls were a dingy shade of peach. The first night of her 4-night stay she spent staring at the ceiling, her thoughts full of insecurities, fears and doubts.

She had dinner with Karen and Terah the next evening and shared her experience of the room. They decided to do a Space Clearing and were astonished at the results. The room had most certainly changed. The couch seemed to have landed in the sitting room and become an inviting place to sit. The pony wall was a welcome divider between public and private space. And the walls – they had changed from a dirty peach to a lovely pale yellow! They all began laughing, searching the room for the color that had been there before. It was gone. The room had turned yellow. Though they couldn’t explain exactly what happened, Rebecca slept well and enjoyed the rest of her stay, her fears and doubts vanished.

It can be fun to do a Space Clearing with two or more people, if for no other reason to have a witness for the transformations that can occur!