Cuppa Ch’i: The Fame & Reputation Gua

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The Bagua Map: The Fame & Reputation Gua

Enhance to:

  • Establish a good reputation
  • Gain more respect and recognition
  • Sustain a high level of integrity
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Cuppa Ch’i: Sound Makers

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A sound maker can be placed in any Bagua area you want to activate by choosing one that symbolically attunes you to your goal. They also offer a cleansing, uplifting force to areas that seem stagnant or energetically unclean.

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Cuppa Ch’i: The Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Gua

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The Bagua Map: The Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Gua

Enhance to:

  • Improve study habits and assimilation of information
  • Enrich counseling or any self-growth activity
  • Cultivate wisdom and peace of mind
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Cuppa Ch’i: The Children & Creativity Gua

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The Bagua Map: The Children & Creativity Gua

Enhance to:

  • Stimulate and strengthen creativity
  • Overcome a creative block
  • Nurture the development of inner-child qualities
  • Improve relationships with children
  • Increase the chances of becoming pregnant
  • Experience more joy and spontaneity
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The Treasure Map Virtual Course

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Did you know that your home or office could be holding your biggest issues or problems in place? Your environment may actually be weighing down the quality of your life, and when you know what to look for, you can fix it. It’s easy to do, when you can see through your Feng Shui eyes!


Essential Feng Shui® observes that you have the capacity to sustain – or gain – what you most treasure in life, including your resources, vitality, and success. Take a look at the following list to see how The Treasure Map Virtual Course can help you:


YES! I am ready to:

□  Increase my prosperity

□  Deepen my relationships with friends and family

□  Find a new love

□  Be more creative and have more fun

□  Reach a new level of self-awareness

□  Align with the magic and mystery of synchronicity

□  Add more meaning to my current career

□  Begin a new career

□  Receive more respect and recognition

□  Get to know and love myself more

□  Strengthen my health

□  Increase my vitality

□  All of the above!


These are just a few of life’s treasures you can experience when you learn how to apply the Essential Feng Shui® Treasure Map to your home and workplace. This Virtual Course gives you a profound way to transform your environment… and enhance your life!

The Treasure Map Virtual Course — $397





“The Treasure Map Course totally empowered me! I didn’t know I had so many challenges – and solutions! I’ve already made some changes today (moving office furniture, choosing a prosperity enhancement, taking down a piece of art I never liked, clutter clearing in several areas) and a big pending deal finally came through this afternoon. I can’t wait to get to my whole house. Thank you!”
 – A. Mason, CA


You will learn how to:

  • Open your Feng Shui eyes and see your home and workplace as an extension of yourself
  • Discover resources and creative ideas you didn’t know you had
  • Approach your environment with practical positivity and optimism
  • View cluttered & chaotic areas with a whole new understanding of what to do about them
  • Choose and arrange furnishings and décor to reflect your goals and aspirations in life
  • Explore the power and beauty of your personal style and preferences
  • Choose your most potent personal enhancements
  • Honor the feelings and emotions that you have about your environment
  • Identify the objects and areas in your home that support or banish your goals
  • Replace those objects and redesign the areas that deter you from moving forward
  • Apply the Treasure Map to a wide variety of structures, from small apartments to large homes and office buildings
  • Transform your life’s challenges into opportunities to produce positive change!


“I would’ve gladly paid more for this course! My life changed in so many wonderful ways – flourishing friendships that were once stagnant, my kids and I are having fun together again, and my husband and I have both made more money than last year to date. I can’t wait for what’s next!!”
- M. Rajdl, MA


Your Space
+ Instructional Videos and Games
+ A Workbook
= Wow Results!

The Treasure Map Virtual Course features Essential Feng Shui® originator, Terah Kathryn Collins and WSFS Programs Director and teacher, Liv Kellgren. It offers you the same information that we teach in our Essential Feng Shui Practitioner Training, and you can enjoy it at home at your own pace and earn a Certificate of Completion from the Western School of Feng Shui.


This Course also includes a 70-page Workbook to support your learning process and give you plenty of opportunity to identify your goals and dreams for every aspect of your life. Whether you already know exactly what you want, or would like to gain more clarity, your Workbook offers introspective and creative exercises, self-assessments, and other resources to support and deepen your experience. And, it’s all yours to print out and keep forever!


The videos and online exercises are easy to access and are yours for 90 days so you can watch – and review – the entire Course at your leisure.


The Treasure Map Virtual Course Includes:

  • Your 70-page Workbook
  • History and details about the foundation of the Treasure Map
  • Immerse Yourself exercises for self-inquiry and meditation
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to apply the Treasure Map
  • An area-by-area study of your Map
  • Important correlations between your home and your goals and aspirations
  • Opportunities to creatively explore and personally enhance each area of your Map
  • Video assessments and games to integrate the information
  • How-to-Declutter guidelines
  • Affirmations that correlate with every area of your Treasure Map
  • How to Map your workplace and other structures
  • Frequently Asked Questions to help you draw an accurate Map
  • And much more!


“The Treasure Map, also called the Bagua Map, is an invaluable tool that I’ve relied on for over 20 years to help people transform their lives. Now it is my great pleasure to offer its wisdom and insight to you via the Treasure Map Virtual Course. There is a depth to this information that I continue to appreciate and marvel over, an ever-unfolding discovery process that I look forward to sharing with you! 

Terah Kathryn Collins

Enjoy the many ‘a-has’ the Treasure Map reveals to you along the Way. And, congratulations – your Essential Feng Shui Adventures are about to begin!”

Terah Kathryn Collins
Founder of the Western School of Feng Shui™


Your Certificate of Completion

Upon satisfactory completion of your final assessment, you will earn a Treasure Map Certificate of Completion. Instructions and a cover sheet are included in your workbook.


The Treasure Map Virtual Course — $397





Our mission is
to provide transformational education to enhance your life.
If you don’t find value in this Course,
we will gladly refund your money
within 30-days of purchase


The Treasure Map is just one step on your path of Essential Feng Shui®:

When you register for The Treasure Map Virtual Course, you will also receive a $197 credit toward any Western School of Feng Shui™ Virtual or @Home Courses. We suggest:

The Basics Course @Home. Add dimension to your Essential Feng Shui® experience with The Five Elements, Essential Feng Shui® applied room by room, working with Ch’i flow, plus private coaching with Terah and her teachers, and more. $697; now $500 with your Treasure Map credit.

The EFS Lifestyles Program. Integrate everything Essential Feng Shui® has to offer for your entire Lifestyle, including your family, personal home and workplaces. $2750, now $2553 with your Treasure Map credit.

The EFS Practitioner Training. Be an Essential Feng Shui® Professional and increase your value in your industry or community, or make a living as an EFS Consultant. $3995, now $3798 with your Treasure Map credit.


The Treasure Map Virtual Course — $397





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