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Essential Feng Shui Tips: Colors in Feng Shui

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Essential Feng Shui Tips, Feng Shui Definition, Five Elements | Comments Off on Essential Feng Shui Tips: Colors in Feng Shui

Colors in Feng ShuiColors in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Definitions

Colors in Feng Shui are kind of a big deal.  Because color is a very personal and powerful tool for enhancing the Ch’i in your home, make sure to surround yourself with the colors that feed and nurture you. New colors can be easily introduced via flowers, candles, fabrics, and other decor. However, to remove or replace paint, carpet, and upholstery colors in your home is usually a big job. You can’t just throw them off at the end of the day like a bright red shirt or yellow dress. You will live, eat, and sleep with your color choices for a while.

This isn’t to suggest that you should be timid with color, just smart. Experiment with color before ordering enough to fill a room. For instance, before buying a bright blue couch, lay out bright blue paper or fabric where the couch will be and live with it for a week or so. Are you still as in love with the color on the eighth day as you were on the first? If certain wall colors look good in a magazine, try painting a section of your wall that color, put your furniture or artwork against it, and live with it for a few days. You may find that you’d like it deeper, richer, paler, or not at all. If you live with other people, make sure they like the colors you’re choosing. Take your time. When chosen well, colors add a powerful healing quality to your home.

When working with the Bagua Map, use the color associations that you find appealing. Don’t feel pressured to use black to enhance your Career area, or red to bolster your Fame and Reputation area unless you like these colors. Any color enhances the Ch’i if it inspires you each time you see it (see other Ch’i enhancers).

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Feng Shui Q & A: Laying the Bagua Map

Posted by on Jul 12, 2015 in Bagua, Q & A | 1 comment

Our friend Dawn asks:

I have just begun my Feng Shui journey with your book The Western Guide to Feng Shui and am Bagua mapping my home.  I have my home all mapped out and have a glaring problem….possibly.  It all depends on whether or not I include our screened porch or not.  It juts out directly from the middle back of our home.  If I include it, it means that it will be the Fame and Reputation part of my home and the Wealth and Prosperity and Love and Marriage parts on the main floor, upstairs, and in the basement will fall OUTSIDE of my home.  The screened porch has a full roof and concrete floor so as I read your book it seems like I need to include it.  If I leave it out, the rest of the house makes sense and maps very well.  We use the porch in the Spring, Summer, and Fall (we live in Ohio so it’s too cold in the winter).  I want to make sure I don’t mess everything up by doing this wrong!  I surely don’t want to just to make it easier, but as I honestly look at this, I don’t know if the screened porch should be included, easy or not!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  I would sincerely appreciate any and all help you could give me – even if it’s just a yes or no!

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Community Love: Wealth and Prosperity!

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Bagua, Clutter, Essential Stories, Testimonials | Comments Off on Community Love: Wealth and Prosperity!

Love from our friend Casey:

Hey Terah & Liv: 

First of all, thank you for the webinar it was great! Your joke about the refrigerator-looking at it, wondering what was in it, then having to eat everything in it- made me laugh a lot!  I love the new word “ESSENTIAL-IZING,” it’s so much more empowering then “downsizing,” and makes me want to start doing things that I have definitely been putting off…LOL! 

Going forward I will definitely be taking pictures, and am bummed I didn’t think of it before I recently tackled my kitchen counters-but mine is a funny story even without pictures, so here goes:

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Community Love: Bagua Success!

Posted by on Apr 6, 2015 in Bagua, Community Voice, Essential Stories, Testimonials, Treasure Map | Comments Off on Community Love: Bagua Success!

Juicy gratitude from our friend Nicole, who found Bagua gems in The Western Guide to Feng Shui:


My boyfriend, step-children and I live together in a home we recently purchased.  We did some renovations but I always sensed there was something off.  It was kind of blah, and the amount of arguments and unhappiness in our home were growing rapidly. We’d never been the kind of people who fight all the time.  I did a study of the bagua map, but it didn’t dawn on me until a few weeks later that our love area was lying almost entirely outside the house!  I went to work immediately to make changes with landscaping and screening outside.  It was the side of our house where things like electrical meters were located.  I even found a rusty razor blade on top of the utility box. We also stored our garbage cans there.  This was less than one week ago.  I cannot even express how entirely different the mood is almost immediately.  I relocated furniture in that part of the house as well to a marked difference.  It’s truly amazing.  Even my partner remarked how great it looks and feels now.  From utilitarian to bamboo and palm like the beaches of Hawaii that we love so much.


Interested in learning more about the Bagua and sharing your own Feng Shui successes? Check out the Bagua Treasure Map Virtual Course!

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Feng Shui Q & A: Apartments: Orienting the Bagua Map

Posted by on Apr 3, 2015 in Bagua, Q & A | Comments Off on Feng Shui Q & A: Apartments: Orienting the Bagua Map

Our friend N.F. asks:

A client is moving into a new apartment where you enter the front door of her building and immediately go upstairs to her apartment. At the top of the steps, her apartment door is on the right. At which entrance do you apply the Bagua Map? 

An apartment’s personal Bagua Map begins at its own front door, not the door into the building. This would be the Map to work with when assessing your client’s space.
It can be interesting to make another Bagua Map of the entire apartment building to determine the location of your client’s apartment in the overall building.


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