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The Tao of Lifestyle: Growing in the Mystery

Posted by on May 26, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters | Comments Off on The Tao of Lifestyle: Growing in the Mystery

You are learning that you are not here to do it all yourself. You are here to be the creative conduit of heaven and earth, as Chinese Medicine likes to say, and to blossom and grow in the great mystery of life. When you can feel the pure wonder of the inner and outer realms coursing together through your veins, you are in sync with the majesty of life. Deeply engaged, you become a cascade of gratitude, a font of appreciation for the majesty of life pouring through you.

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Autumn’s Call: Let it Fall

Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Garden & Landscape, Inner Feng Shui, Nature & Eco-Tips, Terah, Your Life | Comments Off on Autumn’s Call: Let it Fall

Autumn catches our attention by dressing up and then undressing. Summer’s leaf-green robes turn an array of flamboyant colors and then slowly fall away, revealing the shoulder of a branch here and the torso of a trunk there until much of the landscape is bare.  Nature provides us with quite a show as trees and plants shed their bright leaves, freeing themselves of what is no longer necessary.

As a keen observer of Nature, I deeply appreciate the qualities of each season. Autumn, it appears, celebrates the shedding of the old…. and we are all invited to the party! Imagine your invitation fluttering down into your hands, scripted upon a golden leaf:

‘Tis the Season to Let Go

Color what no longer serves you with gratitude

and let it fall away 

Grateful, Grateful, Grateful, Gone…

RSVP “Yes” and lighten up! Living with what you no longer want or need is heavy, cumbersome, and blocks the flow of vital energy that nurtures your life. Autumn encourages you to be like a tree and shed the possessions, relationships, attitudes, and habits that don’t serve you now. In doing so, you align with the essence of Fall and prepare your inner and outer space to receive Winter’s gifts of stillness, introspection, and the inception of new dreams.

Contemplative Practice: Stand or sit near a deciduous tree whose leaves are changing color. Choose a fallen leaf, feel its lightness, and observe its colors. How does the leaf symbolize a person, place, object, or way of being that has passed – or is passing – out of your life? What can you do now to honor and celebrate it? Have you, with gratitude, let it go? If you haven’t let it go yet, how can you do so now? Consider jotting down your thoughts in a journal and pressing the leaf between the pages…..

With Every Blessing,
Terah Kathryn Collins
Founder of the Western School of Feng Shui
& Originator of Essential Feng Shui®
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