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Terah Kathryn Collins at the Gathering Together

Terah Kathryn Collins: The Three Sisters of the Tao© Bringing the Practical Wisdom of Chinese Medicine, I Ching and Feng Shui into your Life

Terah is the founder of the Western School of Feng Shui and the author of the Western Guide to Feng Shui book series. Terah will share her insights on The Three Sisters of the Tao, the title of her upcoming book exploring the essence of Feng Shui, the I Ching, and Chinese medicine.

As the doctor, the philosopher, and the architect, the Three Sisters bring us many gifts. They can teach us how to sustain a tranquil heart and embrace our inner truth. Their practical wisdom is both inspiring and sensual, and can enrich every moment of our lives.

Join Terah as she shares the heart of her creative process with the Three Sisters and revelations that support your Feng Shui passions and practices.

Join us as we are
Gathering Together –
Celebrating our Love of Nature, the Cosmos, and Each Other
Carlsbad, CA
October 10-13, 2008