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The Tao of Lifestyle: Living Partnership- Work

The Tao of Lifestyle: Living Partnership- Work

You and your home share a living partnership. Each abode presents its own possibilities for meeting your needs. Together, you co-create the physical spaces that hold your rest, work, and play in place, assuring your harmony.

No more making work the lord and master of the household. Work can be loud and demanding and is best given its own dedicated space where you can close a door, sprawl out, and be productive without compromising other areas of the house. Then you can balance and uplift your workspace with playful colors and décor.  When you need a break from work you can leave it contained in its own domain. No more paperwork snarling at you from the dining table.

With work corralled, you can enjoy nourishing food, conversation, or introspection in a dining area enlivened by the art, lighting, and table settings you choose

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