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Essential Feng Shui Consultants in Virginia

Lynne D GreeneName: Lynne D Greene
Business: Feng Shui Eyes
Service Area: Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland within 50 mile radius of DC
Offering: Residential and Business Consultations
Phone: (703) 893-4702      Fax: (703) 893-4745

Lynne combines her holistic training with her 25+ years of experience in the high-tech business world to bring you a practical, common sense approach to Feng Shui. Certified in Essential Feng Shui®, Essential Feng Shui & Real Estate, and Essential Compass Feng Shui including Flying Star and Eight Mansions. In addition, Lynne is also a Certified Graceful Lifestyles® Consultant and a One Day Move In® Consultant incorporating the principles of Feng Shui and Green Design for interior redesign services. A member of the International Feng Shui Guild, Lynne works with residential and commercial clients in the Washington, DC metro area.

When we make positive changes in our homes or offices, we are creating the opportunity for positive change in our lives. -Lynne D Greene  


Taylor Vance Name: Taylor Vance
Business: Feng Shui Studio
Service Area: Everywhere in the World — no boundaries!
Offering: Residential, Business and Real Estate Sales Consultations
Phone: (804) 363-5921

Embracing a blend of Feng Shui techniques to coach clients in the creation of welcoming, empowering environments, Taylor is certified in: Essential Feng Shui Graceful Lifestyles (interior re-design guided by Feng Shui, green & universal design principles) Feng Shui for Commercial Spaces and Real Estate Sales Essential Compass Feng Shui (flying stars and eight mansions).

“In our construction of a new interdisciplinary health care facility, Taylor Vance came highly recommended as a first step in the process. After a thorough consultation, where she identified our concerns and objectives, Taylor created not only an architectural blueprint for the contractors, but magically transformed a 3000 square foot clinic to adapt to the complexities of multiple disciplines, personalities, purposes and intentions. From room placement to paint colors to suggestions of artwork, Taylor is very clever in understanding how to blend opportunities and mitigate obstacles to enhance and actualize an office setting. As a result of her work with us, there is an absolutely palpable sense of harmonious flow within our entire center, the staff and all those who enter our new space. Through her combination of skills and insight, Taylor has made us aware of our surroundings and the impact it has on our lives and all of those with whom we interact on a daily basis.” Dr. David A. Berv, Back In Action Health Resource Center, Richmond, Virginia

“My recommendation? Invite Taylor Vance into your home… but only if you want to improve all aspects of your life and create a living environment that is serene, peaceful and happy!” Jane, Alexandria, VA    

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