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Essential Feng Shui Consultants in Washington


Name: Wallis Davenport, Fire Horse Feng Shui
Serving: Seattle, and long distance consultations via Skype.
Offering: Residential and business Feng Shui services.  I can also perform Space Clearing (Home Blessings).  I am available for workshops and classes.
Office/Cell: 425-219-0439
Google+— Fire Horse Feng Shui
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Twitter: @FireHorseFShui

Let me bring blessings into your life!  I am a natural listener.  People feel comfortable opening up to me, making it easy to sift through your individual needs for change in your life.  Using the ancient art of Feng Shui, I come into your home or office, and enhance the flow of energy to bring abundance, good opportunities, and positive relationships.  Clients have benefited from job offers after layoffs, better relationships with strained relatives, an unexpected windfall, a long-desired pregnancy, and more!


Susan HinesName: Susan Hines, Hines Dezigns – Consulting 
Serving: Eastern Washington, Tri-Cities, and Northern Idaho. 
Phone: 509-868-3347 

I consult for residential and business along with landscape consultations.  Offering space clearing, home blessing ceremonies, plus home Shui parties.   Workshops and classes also offered.  Clients share “my house was turned into a home”, “fresh vibrant energy fills my space”, “business is booming”, “home sold quickly”.  A common thread shared is the experience of a greater overall sense of peaceful balance and relaxed well-being. My quest is savoring the moments of each and every day and helping others to experience more joyous and harmonious life experiences too.   I K.I.S.S. my clients by Konnecting, inspiring, sharing and supporting them in making connections between their environments and what they are experiencing in life.  Working together we find creative and supportive changes they are able to implement so they may begin to enjoy their personal paradises as well.  


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