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The Tao of Lifestyle: Deepening Tranquility

Posted by on Jul 23, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters | 0 comments

As your tranquility deepens, the inspired brilliance of heaven and the sweet sensuality of earth integrate within you. You become luminosity and ecstasy entwined. Your capacity to embody love encircles you and stretches into all moments. This is your future becoming present, your true self, returning to the sanctuary of your heart. It is the Way.

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Essential Feng Shui Tips: All Bedrooms

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in Ch'i, Feng Shui Bedroom, Inner Feng Shui | 0 comments

Inner Feng Shui

Are you worthy of having a truly sensual, comforting bedroom that feels fantastic every morning and every night? Do you really deserve to celebrate yourself with Ch’i-enhancing influences of extra soft linens and extraordinary art? Celebrate your bedroom and affirm: “IN THE SPIRIT OF CONSTANT RENEWAL, I EXPERIENCE COMPLETE REST AND REJUVENATION IN MY BEDROOM EVERY NIGHT.”

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The Tao of Lifestyle: Living Partnership- Rest

Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters, Your Home | 0 comments

You and your home share a living partnership. Each abode presents its own possibilities for meeting your needs. Together, you co-create the physical spaces that hold your rest, work, and play in place, assuring your harmony.

Rest can be anchored in any quiet spot, such as a comfortable chair in a private room or alcove, a place where you can retreat from the insistent voices of the computer, exercise equipment, or television. Rest’s native habitat is in your bedroom, where the bed reigns and sensual play is invited in like a lover.  Let your playfulness waft gently through the quiet areas and parade boldly through active spaces in the house.  Play carries the imaginative surge that can inspire your productivity and deepen your rest.


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The Tao of Lifestyle: Only Balance Endures

Posted by on Jul 16, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters | 0 comments

When work reigns, we sacrifice our tranquility and sensuality, thinking it makes us more productive… until we discover such an arrangement has little duration. Only balance endures.

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Essential Feng Shui Tips: All Bedrooms

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Ch'i, Feng Shui Bedroom, Feng Shui Definition, Feng Shui Guest Room, Your Home | 0 comments

Feng Shui Definitions

Because our Western culture puts little importance on rest, our bedrooms are frequently not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Ideally, our bedrooms are a perfect combination of cozy nest, rejuvenating oasis, and romantic hideaway—a sensual embrace where we go to completely recharge our batteries.

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The Tao of Lifestyle: Treasuring Every Square Inch

Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters, Your Home | 0 comments

Hierarchical mindsets attempt to arrange things vertically, from most to least important.  No area is less deserving of care than another, (like your garage for instance). When some areas are neglected while other areas are lavished with attention, harmony is lost in the grinding imbalance it causes. Each room and space in your home serves a unique function, much like the organs in your body.  Treat every square inch with the same dignity, knowing that together they form the living body of your surroundings.

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Feng Shui Q & A: Laying the Bagua Map

Posted by on Jul 12, 2015 in Bagua, Q & A | 0 comments

Our friend Dawn asks:

I have just begun my Feng Shui journey with your book The Western Guide to Feng Shui and am Bagua mapping my home.  I have my home all mapped out and have a glaring problem….possibly.  It all depends on whether or not I include our screened porch or not.  It juts out directly from the middle back of our home.  If I include it, it means that it will be the Fame and Reputation part of my home and the Wealth and Prosperity and Love and Marriage parts on the main floor, upstairs, and in the basement will fall OUTSIDE of my home.  The screened porch has a full roof and concrete floor so as I read your book it seems like I need to include it.  If I leave it out, the rest of the house makes sense and maps very well.  We use the porch in the Spring, Summer, and Fall (we live in Ohio so it’s too cold in the winter).  I want to make sure I don’t mess everything up by doing this wrong!  I surely don’t want to just to make it easier, but as I honestly look at this, I don’t know if the screened porch should be included, easy or not!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  I would sincerely appreciate any and all help you could give me – even if it’s just a yes or no!

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