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Kindred Spirits

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Juicy Living with Lilou and Terah

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Lilou interviews Terah on her Juicy Living Tour!


Click the image below to get your own copy of Terah’s book The Three Sisters of the Tao!

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Spring, Up Close and Personal

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A collection of herbs in colorful pots thrive in a sunny window

A collection of herbs in colorful pots thrive in a sunny window

Spring, Up Close and Personal 


O Spring, I emerge 

 from my Winter rest hungry 

 for your vibrant growth!




Dear Essential Feng Shui Family,

Mother Nature’s Spring Ch’i is awakening all around us as the cold stillness of Winter transforms into innumerable births.  Springtime, the season of the Wood element, is tremendously revitalizing, the ultimate green drink for the spirit.That ‘spring in your step’ is real as you respond to the unfurling of so much new life.  


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The Patterns of Nature

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Inherent Joy

Posted by on May 2, 2016 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Meme feet

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Draped in Beauty

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