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Feng Shui Q & A: Red Envelopes

Posted by on May 1, 2015 in Q & A, Your Career | 0 comments

Our friend B.W. asks:

Are your practitioners required to follow the Red Envelope exchange with the client’s money inside? The Black Hat Feng Shui people whom I met said that something unpleasant could happen to the practitioner if he/she doesn’t follow this procedure.
We teach and practice Essential Feng Shui®, which is not Buddhist (Black Hat Feng Shui is steeped in some Buddhist Traditions). EFS is very Westernized, i.e. not religious, and we’ve found that people more easily resonate with Feng Shui’s core principles when they’re simple and accessible.

The red envelopes: No, we do not require that our practitioners use them. Some do use them. Some don’t. Both have great success, neither have experienced anything unpleasant; in other words, our practitioners and their clients get great results.


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The Tao of Lifestyle: A Dance Between Worlds

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters | 0 comments

You are a channel of love between two worlds, your body a somatic treasure whose joy is to dance with life.

Every moment of life is meant to engage and inspire you. Let your movements flow spontaneously from within, as being rather than doing.

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Essential Feng Shui Tips: Water Features

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Ch'i, Essential Feng Shui Tips, Feng Shui Definition, Five Elements | 0 comments

Water features invigorate Ch’i flow. You will find many indoor and outdoor varieties in department stores, nurseries, and catalogs, or you can make your own.

  • Aquariums are highly prized Ch’i enhancers, as they gather the five elements of Wood (plants), Fire (fish), Earth (sand), Metal (rocks), and Water into one dynamic feature (look here for the Five Elements chart and here for other Ch’i enhancers). When maintained properly, they attract prosperity into your home or business.
  • Whether inside or outside, place directional water features so that the water “points” toward the house or into the room. Still-water features such as birdbaths and urns also enhance Ch’i flow when kept crystal clean.
  • Pools, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs are considered water features and must be kept clean, well lit, in good repair, and in many cases, fenced for safety. When designing these features, “amp” them up by including a waterfall flowing toward your house and the fiery touches of good lighting, bright flowers, and comfortable seating nearby.
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The Tao of Lifestyle: Loving Our Whole Selves

Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in I Ching, Inner Feng Shui, The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters | 0 comments

It is your true nature to appreciate your mind and heart, your body and spirit, animals and people, angels and atoms, everyone and everything, as essentially equal, all with their unique gifts to give.  Your life transforms when you stop dissecting everything and labeling the pieces as more or less deserving of dignity and care. What a waste of time and energy that is, when you can simply cherish all of Creation as it is. The Way is inclusive, not exclusive. Your heart and mind are meant to be lovers, not enemies. Like heaven and earth, they wish only to live as equals in harmony within you. It is their kind wisdom together, the sublime flow of their discerning devotion, that creates the loving world where you, the true you, can thrive.

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The Tao of Lifestyle: Tending Your Inner World

Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters | 0 comments

As you breathe life into your inner world, it takes on a vitality of its own. It breathes life into you. Tend to it and revel in all the details – the architecture, atmosphere, colors, fragrances, sounds, and textures – imagine them more and more into being. Be ever enchanted as you drink in the layers of astonishing beauty your choices create. They are solely and eternally yours.

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Essential Feng Shui Tips: Wind Dancers

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Ch'i, Essential Feng Shui Tips, Garden & Landscape | 0 comments

Wind dancers such as whirligigs, weather vanes, mobiles, prayer flags, and banners, serve to beckon, uplift, and invigorate the Ch’i that circulates through our homes. Outdoors, they act as friendly landmarks and symbolically lift low roof lines and steep slopes. Inside, they help to balance extreme features such as beams and high ceilings with their soft, inviting presence.

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The Tao of Lifestyle: Living With What You Love

Posted by on Apr 21, 2015 in The Tao of Lifestyle, Three Sisters, Your Home | 0 comments

Ideally, your environment contains the things you currently love. Treasure the belongings that hold wonderful memories and uplifting feelings in place and let go of what doesn’t. Let safety, comfort, and beauty be your guides. And know in your heart that your responses to the things in your surroundings can change as you evolve. What you love today, you may not love or have space for tomorrow. Feel the freedom in this. When you tune into the voices of your possessions you know whether they are affirming you, or not. The things “who” lend a beautiful voice to your environmental choir are welcome to stay. As time passes, certain members of your chorus fall out of harmony, a sign they are ready to move on. Bless them, thank them, and let them go. Can you feel what a difference this makes in the quality of your life

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