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Essential Feng Shui Consultants in Arizona


Don Fiore

Name: Don Fiore Business: A Path to Health and Harmony Service Area: Phoenix area and the World Offering: Residential and Business Consultations Phone: (480) 208-1471 Email: Website: Don is a Feng Shui Consultant, real estate broker, and Certified TaiChi-Qigong Instructor. He assists people in bringing health, harmony and prosperity into their lives. Enhancing homes and businesses that are for sale – and sharing Feng Shui tips at lectures, conventions and retreats – are his passion.  


Ro Rusnock

Name: Rosanne Rusnock Business: Elements and Energy, LLC Service Area: Arizona, California, and throughout the U.S.
Offering: Residential and Business Consultations

Phone: (480) 241-5805

Ro Rusnock is rapidly becoming a nationally known Feng Shui practitioner, speaker and teacher of Essential Feng Shui. She is certified with the Western School of Feng Shui. Originally from San Francisco, she now calls Phoenix, Arizona her home. Ro has two daughters she adores and is also an animal lover. Ro consults with both residential and commercial property owners, who have clutter and disorganization in their living spaces and feel stuck moving forward in life. Her clients realize that their homes and offices have a profound effect on their energy levels and need guidance in making the positive energetic changes, creating a space they absolutely LOVE! Ro also has teamed up with JHeiland Interiors to Feng Shui and stage homes for Realtors, Commercial and residential property owners who want to get the best price when they sell and do it fast!


Name: Ellen Schneider
Business: Arrange to Succeed®
Area: Arizona, California and throughout the US Offering: Residential and Business Consultations, Successful Home Sales, Keynotes and Workshops for Business Conferences
Phone: (520) 990-3983
Blog: AHomeForYourMuse

Ellen is a nationally recognized Feng Shui Practitioner, Instructor and Professional Speaker.  She helps individuals and businesses create balanced environments that promote their current aspirations.  She has a large clientele and specializes in creating the possibility for people to incorporate Feng Shui into their daily life as well as establishing it as an important tool for business success. She has been practicing, teaching and applying Feng Shui to environments since 1997.

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