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Essential Feng Shui Consultants in Maine

carol daigneaultCarol Daigneault, New View Studio
Serving Maine
Offering residential, business, real estate staging, landscaping, blueprints and floor plans, interior redesign

Carol has studied the concept of energy, intuitive development and personal empowerment for over 25 years. “Developing and sharing a new view has been the focus of my life’s work,” she notes. Her art and color background join with this interest to create the perfect platform for her Feng Shui practice, New View Studio.

Studying with Terah Kathryn Collins at the Western School of Feng Shui, Carol was certified as an Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner in 2001.

In 2007 Carol studied Soul Coaching® with Denise Linn, and became a certified Soul Coach. As a certified Graceful Lifestyles Consultant, she is educated in interior redesign. These perspectives are combined with her Feng Shui skills to offer clients a rich and unique perspective of how to enhance their surroundings.

Carol wrote and published I Hold the Power of Peace in 2011. This small 4”x6” book highlights the role of inner Feng Shui and contains a powerful message that peace begins within each of us. Simple steps on how we all can cultivate peace consciousness are shared.

Additionally, she is a contributing author to the award winning book Soul Whispers: Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches around the World, which includes her chapter on clutter clearing entitled Modern Day Alchemy.




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