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Essential Feng Shui Consultants in New Hampshire


Peg Final-001 high resolutionPeg Donahue, Feng Shui Connections
Offering onsite and remote Residential and Business Consultations
(Essential, Black Sect and Compass Feng Shui), Real Estate Sales and Purchase Support, Downsizing and Relocation Support, Floor Plan Analysis, Onsite and Map Dowsing for Geopathic Stress, Building Biology and Healthy Building Consultations, Four Pillar and Nine Star Ki Astrology Analysis, Emotional Freedom & Healing Acupressure Tapping Release Sessions, and I Ching consultations.

Serving New Hampshire, Greater Boston, New England, and the World.
(603) 537-9954

Peg’s work is about empowering YOU to live an authentic life in a healthy, supportive and nurturing environment. Her initial Feng Shui training began with WSFS in 2001, after a successful corporate career in Direct and Database Marketing. Expanding on this substantial foundation, Peg received additional Feng Shui certifications from the New England School of Feng Shui as well as Gill Hale’s Lo Pan (compass) program. She is also a certified Building Biology Consultant from IBE, FL, a certified Emotional Freedom & Healing Practitioner, and a graduate of The Way to Balance’s IDEAL (Intuitive Development) program. Skilled at getting to the heart of the matter and helping you to bring clarity and focus to your intentions and dreams, Peg connects you with the patterns of your inner and outer environments, and identifies the most effective ways you can gain momentum to move forward to achieve your goals. She is a Red Ribbon Member of the International Feng Shui Guild. Contact Peg today or visit her website to learn more.


Lisa Law, Lisa Law Lifestyle Designs
Essential Feng Shui ™ Consultant, Author, and CoachServing New Hampshire, Greater Boston, New England

(603) 566-6109

Lisa Law is an Essential Feng Shui™ Consultant, Author, and Coach.  She has presented Feng Shui internationally and is a regular contributor to the BodyMindSoul Magazine in Malaysia.  In 2015, her “Feng Shui Inspiration Cards and Guidebook:  Create Positive Energy in Your Home and Lifestyle” were published.

Lisa loves working with clients in their homes and offices, drawing out their creativity and helping Feng Shui come alive for them.   She specializes in warm, welcoming spaces utilizing Feng Shui principals, personal organizing, and empowering individual hopes and goals. 

Lisa graduated from the Western School of Feng Shui™ and is an Essential Feng Shui™ Consultant and Tao of Lifestyle Coach.  She holds a BA in Psychology from Wellesley College and she spent several years studying world-wide with Spiritual and Metaphysical Master Umesh Nandwani of Singapore and the “Awaken~The Divine You” Program.  She is part of a world-wide network of spiritual practitioners, speakers, and writers.   Lisa combines Eastern and Western energy healing traditions in her work with clients in a fun, easy to understand manner.                                                                                                                                                                  

In addition to home and business consulting, Lisa offers classes and webinars to groups and organizations of all sizes.  She offers monthly discussion groups and day and weekend retreats.  Lisa’s “Feng Shui Inspiration Cards and Guidebook:  Create Positive Energy in Your Home and Life-Style” are available for purchase on her website.  She looks forward to working with you or your group.

To learn more about Lisa and her services, please visit  You can follow Lisa Law Lifestyle Designs on Facebook for Feng Shui tips and inspiration.

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