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Essential Feng Shui Consultants in Ohio

laurastaleyLaura Staley
Founder:  Cherish Your World

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Service Area: Columbus and 50 mile radius
Offering: Residential and Small Business Consultations

Inspiring people to thrive in the places they live and work is my purpose and passion.

I help people make the connection between the condition of the spaces they live, work, learn, eat, and play and the quality of their lives and to let go courageously of all that does not align with their dreams and to live and work with beloved belongings and quality people in comfort and safety.

I founded Cherish Your World in 2004 after a flood of a finished basement and the realization that I could live with belongings I love and not hand-me-down stuff I didn’t even like. I trained and was certified with the Western School of Feng Shui in February 2004. I’m inspired by the relationship we create with our physical spaces and the opportunity to make conscious choices about furniture arrangement, the optimal placement of beloved treasures, and creating comfort, safety, and flow to nourish our lives.

I educate and collaborate with both residential and business clients to awaken a deeper understanding of the ways our physical spaces can support our health, productivity, creativity, relationships, and an experience of a fulfilling life. I help people see the benefits of decluttering, staging their homes before selling, and arranging spaces so they feel empowered, experience harmony, and live creative and purposeful lives. I help clients create a bridge.

By inquiring and listening deeply to what clients experience, what they like, what they don’t like, what they see could be different and sharing the tools of Feng Shui: the Bagua Map, and the Five Elements in an accessible and practical manner, I help clients. The practices of Feng Shui: live with belongings you love, live with comfort and safety, simplify and organize, allow clients opportunities to transform their physical spaces with a shift in awareness and conscious choices. The space supports their lives.


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